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  1. 4 minutes ago, Arazith said:

    I know plastic surgery tickets will be available in the shop, I doubt they would hand them out though.

    I know, in NA they also sell plastic surgery, but it would be a good starting detail, knowing that many have left other games and return to Aion after so long, that you can start with whatever name you want and the look of the character. All without risking losing your precious name or having to pay as soon as you start. 😊

  2. 5 minutes ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Teniendo en cuenta que Aion Classic no se activa hasta el 23. no, no es posible darle un boleto para la cirugía plástica.

    Yes, I know! It would be when the game officially opens. I also specified a proposal to consider for the benefit of all.


    Hello dear Aion Community, and kind moderators! 😊

    Is there a possibility that you can give us a ticket for cosmetic surgery? I understand that many have created their characters as quickly as possible to reserve the name, the same I did. I know that you can delete the character and recreate it and choose the same name but it is very scary that in those 5 minutes you could lose it. In addition, character creation blocks are already being given on certain servers by faction so that increases the risk of deleting characters just to change their appearance and try to retake the name.

    My proposal is as follows: On June 23, a survey arrives with a non-tradeable plastic surgery ticket available when the character reaches level 10. When accepting it, it would go to the inventory and would have a duration of a few hours to be able to use it otherwise it would be removed from inventory.

    I think it would be incredible if you could help us with this to be satisfied with both the name and the look of the character.


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