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  1. Dude, stop spamming forums with your bullshit, please. I been reading forums and always see you posting useless stuff and posting more than 1 time, I don't know why you didn't get ban yet, it's so annoying.
  2. I usually don't post these things but I'll post this timeIn my opinion, there's a lot of things that need to be changed. 1. Sieges: Sieges are pretty boring right now, it's always the same thing, we barely have pvp, just few elyos go to Gelk to get contribution and few asmos go to Ingg to get contribution, when we had Lakrum we could have a bit of pvp and fun. I suggest to you guys alternate between one week Gelk and another week Inggison, just don't put both fortress vulnerable at same time, if we have different times we could actually fight for it. No one really try to get Silona and P
  3. Ok guys, cool but what about the pin bug? Is it fixed yet?
  4. It happened right now: https://ibb.co/nmBSYwt I just double click in my last alt from the list. Thank you for your support!
  5. I can't really give you more details about it. I have like 50 alts and I get pin bug in almost half of them, around 6/8 times per day. But sometimes I pray to Odin and he listen to me then I'm allowed to log in my first try and it makes my day much better.
  6. So, I got pin bug like 6 times in a row today. We have a new patch but this bug still happening in our lives. Do you guys have any news about it or still nada?
  7. You want to know a big issue? DN server deserves resets too, KT been doing very limited instances like Red Cellar, twice, almost every week and what do we have? We have 150 people killing world bosses trying to win a single dazzling gemstone. At least put reset scrolls for Red Cellar on BCM?
  8. Is there any news about server transfer? It's been 1 year already?
  9. @Hime @Loki Is there any chance to let the community have this egg for one more week as a compensation for all the bugs we are having? Can you try to talk to your superiors about it? Please? I'm sure everyone would be very happy even with all those bugs going on.
  10. I can't create a new account on the website or change my email, since yesterday.
  11. All Aion players were gentle and nice with each other, attacking someone just because this person is from a different country, with a different culture was something very rare to happen, new players were welcome and had help from veteran players when needed, max geared players were having fun after all hard work they had and actually enjoying the game instead of rage quit and acting stupid with others. And the <[Motion Card] Hold On, I'm Busy> was a tradeable and brokeable item so most active players were very happy and excited with the fact that they could buy something new
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