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  1. Thank you. uwu I tried killing like, 30 but nothing happened lolol. Mis-labled mobs should be fixed. T-T
  2. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Make transformation contracts and kinah easier to get. Or at least make an event that'll give lots of contracts and kinah. Please. Even the oldest players are stuck with legend contracts while the ones with ulti just got lucky. There are ways to get kinah in-game yet the new players can't really do it because they lack gear and they just get zerged, helpless whenever they farm CK Crystal boxes and the already OP players still get those boxes even though they have nothing to enchant or upgrade at all. They can't even be surpassed at that point yet for a long time if they do have something to enchant. Also, those boxes are rarely there, someone already got them. If players do wait for it to spawn again, (1 hour lol, hourglass maximum is 4 hours. Imagine, about 20 players get them each day and they're already too OP, what about the newcomers?) they'd probably just get zerged. There are lots of bugs too and sometimes there are even invisible obstacles on the way. Like, wth. Please remove those lol. Also, enchanting costs kinah, why not make it free when kinah is "terribadly" hard to get? Just don't make it cost kinah anymore, or at least make it cost less like 1k-16k kinah. Srsly, 200k something? And you'd always fail enchant? While kinah is terribly hard to get? Lol. It's either you make kinah very easy to get (easy to get millions and billion/s) or make enchanting/upgrading/expanding/etc. cost less or just don't make it cost.
  3. Do mobs change periodically? Or like, are there schedules for some mobs? Because the quest mobs for "The Waterfall Cannot Fall" are just "corrupt waterfall spirits" but only the "raging" ones are there. So I had trouble progressing with that too. And the Snowy Spirit Mammoths in Beluslan are currently just Snowy Mammoths. And for the Naduka Gloriators, I don't see them in Gelk (or are Balaurs/Elyos supposed to conquer the camps before I see the Naduka Gloriators?)