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  1. But you do use hacks BOW lol https://myaion.eu/PvESession/14867 saying that you dont is just lame
  2. I dont get why the Producer's Letter that was posted on September this year talks about community and that being the reason for you to not implement auto hunt and then doing this shitty event where literally every single thing that I want I have to compete with half the server to get it. You want legendary transformations? youre nyerked vs 90 ppl bots included after a full day of farming mobs btw. Do you want the Skating Motion? nope sorry you have to win a roll on a league of over 50 players for no reason at all. You want to farm the extra rewards from the hunting on 23 to 24 sv time? NOPE be
  3. PLEASE PLEASE add the [Motion Card] Skating to the BCM I have waited for the entire year to get it and many players too, you could make a lot of profit from adding it to the BCM Store I beg you.
  4. Yeah Its been happening to me this patch too, not only 25 mins, also it happens randomly, plus the "You have tried to put your ping too many times" message meh
  5. Please, dont leave it at that give everyone the ingredients for free or roll back the server it feels so bad that I have to sleep, because when I do half of the server gets an advantage over me just like that, it does not feel right, dont leave it at that please.
  6. Yeah, I still mantain that word that they should permanently increase the exp gain as it was during that event, we get the sem exp rates as servers with autohunt without that function enabled, crap
  7. Wait so are you not putting the 200% extra exp from hunting event back?, wow finishing that without notice was something else.... Yo should permanently increase the exp gain for good, its so hard as it is now to farm it
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