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  1. lol NcSoft..... Well rule 1. Never make a game go Free to play.. You will get Tons of Immature kids playing your game.It already made you guys money hungry and not professional in what you guys do as a GMs. (Cash Shop still have TONs of items rightfully for 65 and under,Nothing over for 66 above). Why push the game faster than people who can't even catch up because 6.0 coming out. If you guys are preparing us for 6.0 why not spoil us.Since we already suffer enough rage and hardwork trying to geared ourselves out with the destructions of our items.(Money Hungry Much?) ArchDaeva Content was a FAILED CONTENT of Aion history. Main reason why 6.0 is coming out. (destruction of ALL archdaeva items base upon failed.... Really?" mind as well if we kill a asmo we take everything from them or vice versa.) 2.As many of us like myself. Enjoy this game. The People and the Community itself is pathetic and mild retarded.Aion Economy went down the toilet,into the sewage, into your backyard.Prices of people who Spends REAL MONEY $$$$$$$ on NC coins doesnt make any benefit from the game. For Example. (Caeus Executioner Equipments boxes last only for 2 days? really?) and back into the same old shitty stuff we get. why not Benefit the Gamers who spends there hard earn money into this dead game? So many questions haven't been answered. From now on im done putting money into a dead game and focus my mind elsewhere. Hopefully you guys fix it soon. Good luck in the future and to NC West. Legendary Big Ballin Psk.
  2. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    NC soft is much more worry about people who are getting rich off this event. If they should of left it the way it was, the Aion Economy would of fixed itself. Prices of Omegas,Tempering Solutions,Manastones,ETC. would of be suitable for old and new players. But most likely the Devs themselves feels "Overpriced Items." on broker is better. So many years into this game. The Aion Economy been nyerked up to even begin with. So difficult to earn kinah but people tends to overprice items making it harder for "Loyal Aion Players" who actually spends real money in this game to make such profits. The poor will complain about anything while the rich is getting richer by the minute. Devs should actually takes Aion players thoughts into considerations instead of sabotaging the whole event which make it a grind fest or running back and forth for 24hrs. But most likely they going to change the Prices on Event items to make it so much harder for those who try to maintain a suitable and "enjoyable" gameplay instead of stressing about event that suppose to make or break them. Other than that... Enjoy Aion and good luck for those to try really hard.

    Well. This is a good thing. With this Anti-Cheat let see how many good "PvEers" or "PvPers" are good as they say. Most likely 20-40% of Aion gamer(s) will quit after this maintenance. Hopefully it will go smoothly. Good job and good luck NC soft.