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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    and the transfer of the characters
  2. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Ok, here is my contribution: - ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS: Its a game change, but still arent a big deal without gear + stigmas + collections, so.. GIVE THEM TO US, or at least make Ultimate Transformation pots buyable from prestige machine, for example. And also, give us more ways to farm Legendary transformations! What about lower the price from Abyssal contract from 8000 to 4000!? And also, lower the quantity of Breath of Transformation from 2 to 1, then we can farm 1 legendary per month, not each 2 months. - STIGMA ENCHANTS: We need more ways to obtain stigma enchants outside of events! What about put them on prestige machine for an AFFORDABLE PRICE? - DAEVANEON ESSENCE: We need more ways to obtain daeva essence outside of events and with no Abyssal Splinter. What about LOWER the price on prestige machine? 2500 ITS TOO MUCH - ENCHANTMENT STONES: We still need to enchant our gear, and new players need them more than everyone, but we lack of ways to obtain enchantment stone.. for example, we can farm with Bobonerk.. ok, but Bobonerk use exp to make, and we already use exp to extract exp marks.. or the player enchant the gear or farm exp marks. This need to change. What about return the legendary enchant drops from PVE instances and start to drop PVP enchant stone from PVP instances? Thats reasonable! - GEMSTONES AND RUNESTONES RETUNING: For the sake of god, bring us an item to change the type of the runestone or gemstone of an item. The gemstone and runestone should be farmable, not the slot of the item - GEMSTONES: Talking about Gemstones, make more ways to farm them.. some way that not involves reset Red Cellar thousand times or killing world bosses - GEMSTONE AND RUNESTONE ENCHANTMENT: Still with them, PLEASE remove the contaminated system.. this is stupid, or at least make them exist only after +8 for example. - EVENTS: Bring events with GOOD PRIZES. What about all the itens listed above? Actual and new players NEED TRANSFORMATIONS, STIGMAS, DAEVANEON ESSENCES, ENCHANT STONES, GEMSTONES AND RUNESTONE ENCHANTS. - KINNAH: Make the items droped from instances give more kinnah. EU have too much more kinnah from itens than us. - BROKER FEE: Take this out! That tax has been implemented because of the exchange of the currency on the 6.0. Ok, we are at 7.5, the game economy is good.. we dont need that anymore. - EXP: WE NEED EXPPPPPPP.. today its a pain to farm exp! Make the mobs inside instances droping REAL exp! And also rise the quest exp as well! - WE NEED MORE PLAYERS: Aion isnt a game that I would recommend for a friend today, why? Everything is TOO costy to obtain.. the player come to Aion today and cant do anything with a good transformation or all the problems listed above. Give a Rank A minion and a legendary (ancient at least) transformation for new players! No, not by event.. just give to them! - You must notice that must of my suggestions includes prestige machine.. thats right. Give a reason for players to pay for prestige pass! improve the Prestige benefits Copy: Bjorn
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 15, 2020

    Good morning, and once again the transfer service has not been resolved, how long will we wait? for the love of God !
  4. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Hello Good Night, the problem that no character transfer service has been solved?
  5. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    So look for your peace and don't give opinion where you are not called ok! Have a good time.
  6. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    Valedia is as follows, I don't know who you are, and I also don't know why I'm talking and with a person who isn't even from Suport Tecnico aion, I gave my opinion as well as everyone, but in my publication it says very clearly that I'm revamped as well as the others who requested the transfer service, I mentioned that I speak for all those who are sad and at the same time disgusted with this happened, I believe that at that moment the people who requested the transfer service are indeed with the same weight of Indignation understood, no I felt like I was the center of attention, I think you are seeing this in the publication, but you misinterpreted my publication, so once again I apologize for something that I know was not in bad faith, you know, so I ask you to stay more attentive to what you read so good. Thank you ! I hope this ends here. And another and I owe you no satisfaction here on the forum, as I already said my pending issue is with NSOFT, ok!
  7. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    In the end, I don't know what you're getting at, my problem is with NSOFT, so forgive me for something I said you didn't like, but I would like to know who you are? part of the AION team? because my problem is with them.
  8. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    Honey, I speak for those who tried as I did to transfer the character and failed, and those who are not complaining are their problems, if those who want the transfer are not speaking out I can do anything, but who wants something, in this case, the transfer runs behind and that is what I am doing with those who want this aion beauty transfer service.
  9. Character Transfers Temporarily Suspended

    I was completely sad and at the same time disgusted with this situation, after months of waiting for them to open the deal there comes this error there and their only solution is to close again :? man save us, as many were hoping to transfer their characters because they are not happy on the current server, when we think it will change, and this happens, we will improve the conditions of the game for its players and show quick solutions, because a benefit that we so much hope is the transfer when it opens and out of nowhere closes due to an "Error" then it ends with the joy of any player, really me and my friends who asked for the transfer we were indignant with this News. Revolting this, I speak for all players who want to transfer their characters. Not to mention the emails they send to get an answer, the only thing they did was to reverse the BCM and say that the transfer is closed, then discourage anyone like this to get confused, let's improve NSOFT the Aion is falling more and more and with these unsolved errors for its players, it will end up being one of the worst games to play. a unica coisa que fizeram foi fazer o estorno dos BCM e dizer que ta fechada a transferencia , ai desanima qualquer um desse jeito de se tranalhar , vamos melhorar NSOFT o Aion ta caindo cada vez mais e com esses erros sem solução para seus jogadores , vai termina ser um dos piores jogos a se jogar .
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 24, 2020

    Hello Good morning, the availability of the character transfer will be valid until when :? why I looked and see that the service is unavailable and had and in the maintenance of the week said that it will be reopened. I look forward to a return, thank you.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 24, 2020

    Good afternoon, will the transfer be available today? I'm waiting.