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  1. Ah, I see. I was confused because of Aion Codex site . When you typed glyph box, it gave you the box that contains no Glyph enchantment scrolls. https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188075046/ (regular glyph box with no scrolls) But after typing the heavy glyph box, I do see https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188075132/ that they have enchantment scrolls. And I re-read weekly lugbug, it does say the 100 glyph box fragments combine into a heavy glpyh box. Thanks for clearing the confusion. Although, is it really selectable? The free ones from BCM were heavy glpyh boxes but not se
  2. @Kibbelz Thank you for this feedback update. I like the new changes. Going forward, can you guys do something about Glyph Enchantment scrolls as well? You can only get them with the Heavy Glyph Box and Boxes in BCM. Shouldn't there be an alternative way to obtain Glyph Enchantment scrolls? At least add it to prestige coin vendor or something. It's only exclusive to people who can spend money in BCM. I get that you gave everyone free glyph box with 5 scrolls, but after you updated the site for Glyphs, you pretty much said, the enchantment is what determines the s
  3. I'd say it is the same as before. Half of the community are satisfied seeing their ping reduced and other half are furious since their ping increased. Some players from Canada, (East coast for sure) and some people in Europe and some parts of South America have said their ping reduced.
  4. @Loki Just like the siege timings being unreasonable for NA players on East Coast, some of the world bosses in demaha have unreasonable times as well. For the past few weeks some bosses in Demaha would spawn after 1:00 AM Server Time which is late for EST people. That time only seems to be favorable to players who are playing from other countries and not actual NA players themselves. Can you make the demaha world boss spawn window earlier for NA players?
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