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  1. Any class with untuned xp mark gear can get an S this takes a week to get on a character. then that is on the person for not running AS and yes its 26 and change for the Legendary if you use the luna you get from mission, lugbug and arena you can easily do 24 run a day and get 2 contracts in this time. Gelk is really easy to get max renown and Silentra you just make sure to try to kill the bosses when you get the chacnce and do the quests as you get higher and eventually lvl 9 renown there you buy the apostle shards. This is 10 weeks and you can have 2 more if you have the marks. So 10 weeks t
  2. Unfortunately these are needed stats. Chanter needs the Parry when in dps so they can use 2 of their skills which require a parry before you can use them. Cleric's require a block so they can use a stigma as well. Cleric and Chanter both use Block and Evasion sets. I also actually run an Evasion set on my SM and SW too. So these sets do have purpose in the game. I do agree though that they should decrease the cost of the retune fees
  3. idk if players have seen zone 1 of ing and gelk its already full of bots all day long doing it for the luna. It won't make a difference if they add the auto-combat or not it will do nothing people running programs aren't going to magically stop using programs
  4. The whole point is this should not even be necessary if we all treat each other with at least basic respect regardless if we like them or not or if they are our friends or not. Not everyone will like you and that is okay its ust life. All that is asked is we set aside the petty issue and at least have a baseline respect in the way we communicate with each other. This is what is asked in the code of conduct on the forums. So its our responibility to abide by these rules. I will drop it because this was all I was trying say. I hope everyone has a good rest of the New Year celebration.
  5. You are also making plenty of derrogatory remarks to people who only tried to say 2 simple things to you. Your use of vulgarities and homophopic remarks come off extremely disrespectful as no one has insulted you in this manner and the fact that you retaliate with such remarks are very offensive. I would ask that you might want to take a break, get some water, maybe some fresh air, and come back when you have cooled down and be more receptive to people just trying to help you
  6. I am not friends with them the fact we play the same race on the same server is only coincidentally due to the fact there is only 2 races and 2 servers. I have maybe run 1 instance since the begging of this game with them. Sure I see them in town afk every now and again but that goes for many players of this game. Also to direct you to the conduct/rules of the forum you probably did not read: Obscene / Vulgar or Inappropriate Language and/or Images Some people are comfortable with all kinds of colorful language and images, others are not. We ask that our forum members remember to
  7. Almost everything you write is so cringe. I don't write anything but I am sadly at the limit. The forums have rules, no they are really enforced. This means its in the users hand to abide by the rules set forth so we can have a coherent and easily navigatable forum to post inquiries and find answers. Like Arhangelos stated and at first it was nicely I might add to Post your inquiries in the Player to Player Support - Forums. It helps keep the forums clutter free and it is much easier to find and answer your question. As I have stated in the past your attidude is uneeded you complain about peop
  8. The breath is same as now 1 per account per month the daily and weekly complete lugbug gives a box that can have ultimate memory shards or ultimate potions in it. Most of the time its just a potion. The other way you can get memory shard if from the GP vendor based on the gp you have it get converted into a currency and this currency can be used at the vendor for a few different things one being ultimate memory shards. This way if you got about 85k GP per season you could possibly get it in 6 months
  9. Sadly it is rng because the box that gives shard most of the time only gives pots. The only for sure way to get the transform in 6 mo time is if you are at almost 4x our normal Governor GP at the end each season and you do the daily lugbug every single day and weekly each week. If you managed to have perfect RNG and didn't get any GP ever it would take you around 8/9 mo
  10. Most people won't even play a game without PvP. Open world PvP is the reason why people play a lot of games. If you only want a PvE game you can play FF and be happy, but a lot of people do not agree with your assumption.FF in the Japan server isn't even that many players. I can't judge NA or EU but at least on Japan server it feels really dead
  11. I play both BDO and Aion and essentially they are the same they are both games you just AFK and do boring no brain activities 75% of the time. The only difference is that in BDO since there is no real PvE content like Aion you aren't gated to daily and weekly things similar to Aion. They both are pretty maintenance mode games. The main reason there was a server merge and the Players asked for 3 servers not 2 and many are upset about the 2 server is there were 3 large servers which good populations but there were 3 server that were "dead" but still having much better than NA or EU populat
  12. Yes what I am saying but instead of giving us the same that we have for transforms for Item collections we got the server bound stats how it is on every other region. Sucks but it is what it is
  13. Item collection as of Korea just like transforms is server unique so all other servers wont have them they probably just took this same for us and didnt give us cross server like we have for transforms
  14. As Van said minion and transform is the least of your worries the other things make much more of an impact in your PvP
  15. It does state when you try to enchant that failure could result in the destruction of the item. So honestly you are taking the chance. I would never pay real money for something that has far worse enchant rate than anything else in game and it literally can just go poof before your eyes. I won't tell people what they should or shouldn't spend their money on as I am not their family or financial advisor, but to me at least its plain to see some of the choices people get upset about in this game is their fault. The game is not perfect at all, never has been, but the mistakes people make and
  16. I guess then normal was only 2-3 marks that is awful seeing as all you gained was extractors and other junk items I used no buffs I don't have prestige anymore no runes amulets nothing and was getting 8 per run in hard and I ran it on 4 accounts yesterday 2 of the alt accounts only having lvl 80's in heartguard gear that is not retuned or anything fancy
  17. The only changes are 1st line is same 5 skills under this there is a buff bar you can put 2 buffs in these slots and it uses on cd pretty much. Under this you have the Pot sections the 2 like we currently have plus another slot for healing ailment pots if you get debuffed by a mob or something it pops it. As far as the other feature added the 2 new options are use remove shock and auto adjust camera. So essentially you will pot debuffs use removeshock not have to deal with the horrible camera when on auto and you get 2 auto buffs while grinding. Good things but not amazing
  18. At least in other regions its clear to see what is bot and whats not this feature. There are many many ways to tell what is in game and what isn't If someone wants to make a script that looks or works like this I mean all for them because they are severely lowering the capabilities of their bot I personally do hope they crack down on 3rd party its extreme how bad its gotten. I do not mind this feature as it is not perfect and also can't be used in many situation so it is properly limited in its capabilities
  19. If it runs like Korea then I guess we are getting extractors and TT tonics and lumiel stuff instead of xp crystals and berdin stars. I will check exact numbers soon but each 1hr I was getting 10 xp marks during the garden of growth event in KR. 10xp marks outside of your normal farm per day so 140 xp marks over the event per character. 70 marks per week is awesome and gives me plently of things I wish I could buy on my alts each week but I couldn't because I need 220 per week on my main
  20. Obviously you have not used the Auto-combat feature no person who runs a bot would use it as its not better than whatever program they are already using it has so many faults. It is very very basic with many flaws you can literally make macro that funtions better than auto-combat. It will not increase bot the bots are going to continue to do what they do with the programs they use but the legitamate plays now at least have something to facilitate easier progress on cubics and experience marks as well as other events coming to game. We all know that NCwest does very little and to expect th
  21. I had 3 accounts who got a box. Just to add data first account just for you all I wanted to roll it all the way through as I do not care what I got I already have more Sminions than I need and it would just be for SS upgrade. This box I got HP vio, PvP Hyperion, Crit sita, Agile modor can't remember offtop of head which is which, another Agile modor, Stubborn Modor, HP vio, PvE Krom, HB vio, Acc sita. 2nd box I rolled Acc Sita, Stubborn Modor, PvP Krom and I took the PvP Krom sorry but I got what I wanted so didn't go further 3rd Box HB viola, PvE Hyperion, HB vio, Acc sita, Agi
  22. They have been stating this to me for months. I have told people long in advance this was the same policy for a long while sadly as I mistakenly opened a sovereign armor box a long while back on an alt that I needed to open on a different alt and they told be that I could not restore it. Also I was told when they implemented the Item collections here that when I accidentaly open the bursting box when I meant the burning that it also could not be restored even though I had not opened the 2nd box. Any box or items that gives inside randomized rewards cannot be restored no matter what it is
  23. I agree and this is nonstop what the healer Clerics and SW had been complaining about in Korea nonstop and it doesn't get fixed until the last rebalance of this patch before 7.9 but EU did not include it so that means it most likely will be added to 7.9 which imo is way too long for the Cleric's and SW to have to wait to feel relevant again to be healers. I remember weekly update after weekly update people just zzz more dps buffs and then cleric and sw both holding in other in tears over more healing nerfs on them but not on chanters Also as a chanter I don't mind it but I actually do quite
  24. My SW heals much better than a cleric too sadly I feel like even a templar can outheal a cleric they are just rubbish healers. "생명력을 기반으로 일정 비율만큼 회복하거나, 생명력 자체를 크게 증가시켜주는 스킬은 캐릭터의 최대 HP에 따라 그 효과 차이가 직업별 크게 나타났으며 특정 상태에서 과도하게 생명력이 상승하였습니다. 또한 효과의 직관성과 스킬의 시전을 위해 고려해야 하는 사항이 다소 까다로웠습니다. 이를 해결하기 위해 일부 스킬의 생명력 증가치와 회복 효과를 고정 값으로 변경하였으며, 전반적으로 위력을 상향하였습니다. 사실 해당 스킬의 대부분은 생명력 증가 효과보다는 회복 효과에 대한 비중이 훨씬 높았기 때문에 두 효과를 유의미하게 조정하였습니다. 추가로 일부 직업의 스킬이 순간적으로 과도한 생존 능력을 발휘한다고 판단하여 회복 관련 효과에 대해서도 함께 변경되었습니다. 이번에 적용되는 변경사항을 통해 아직 충분한 성장을 이루지 못하신 플레이어 분들도 보다 생존력이 높아지고, 이를 잘 활용할 수 있기
  25. Well PvP you can't heal a target that gets 1 shot. PvE I know you haven't been doing PvE but Cleric are no longer a healer class in PvE its dps same with SW, only PvE healer is Chanter. As far as the %HP changes is because there is a really interesting thing that happens when your base HP is 100k and you stack multiple %HP buffs on a character. Like a templar that goes from 100k base HP to 165k+ Buffed. I have literally watched a legion mate who is a PvE only player actually double tap on an enemy and kill them. He has PvP gear but he doesn't PvP unless its to complete lugbug or materials
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