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  1. The reagents no but the mats that drop from the mobs the silentium. the bright blah blah and others is you dont need souls for the slecetable just those items and the reagents so if you were not to play as long as you kept lvl 5 in TT then you can keep buying the 1 reagent and slowly get selectable boxes it would take forever but by the time before new content you can get it in an event.
  2. There is a very easy solution since you don't play as much farm up lvl 5 renown for Timeless buy the reagents buy the silentium off the broker and participate in events. You spend 0 AP, takes forever but, you get selectable boxes of gear and never have to deal with RNG and dont have to step foot in Timeless besides getting to lvl 5 renown to puchase the weekly item
  3. I don't know if you have noticed if you actually get send log or dc in the map it actually doesn't respawn you outside and you lose all souls it spawns you in a harbok-esque place and you have 3hr from the dc point to log back and report to TT and you keep all those souls you had collected. If you couldn't log in within 3hr from the dc then you you do in fact lose the sould or if you accidentally port out then yeah so saving grace for you either. All else I agree with just a little thing to chime in on
  4. The only thing I am saying is for Korea there is no impact on Retail at all at least not noticable. Still the same players still the same people spending money which is noticable as they have the new Joker card event giving all 4 ultimate trasforms now so only NA/EU are thinking that this is meant to replace Retail which is kind of odd seeing as WoW did this and Retail still has roughly the same playerbase its not meant to be the carrying force of the game this is why I don't think currently in NA/EU it will do well or even work and these people must to wait for the Retail to improve before th
  5. Yes you get bronze then take it to lakrum for 5 bronze giving 1 silver, 5 silver 1 gold. If you noticed you get about 28 per cubelet. Also there are no plat cubes for Ereshkigal. Also the total amount needed for 50/30 is much lower than what is needed for the other bosses and you will never have dupes as you can always exchange it takes the same amount of time to complete 50/30 as it takes to complete 15/9 for the others One more things the Ereshkigal Gold Cubes are still brokerable so you can always broker them when you are done
  6. Not true, they actually have run temporary classic servers a few times in Korea as an attempt to gauge the interest they were short lived partially due to the way they were set up not truly being classic with the items in the shop. They said in the Dev video that it is in fact here to stay they with slow the pace of the patches as necessary. The daeva pass only gives the same items as the item you get for free in the same daeva pass. I guess you missed it in the thread or didn't read previous posts as HealingSquid kindly took a SS of the pass itself you just get more consumables and candies th
  7. I guess whatever but, for those who wish for the info to debate the worth of the new set, less resources is incorrect you dont have to tune or luna retune so resources saved, you do enchant but you can get a proc that starts your enchant at +7 resources saved. I also told you the base stats of the set are higher than the base stats of DT they are 1:1 the same as the Thorn set so again better. If you had both with 0 manastones you would be at a deficit in crit yes but every single other stat is higher. HP/p.def/m.def/acc/m.acc/parry/weapon atk/ATK your attack is much higher base than DT and tha
  8. So full did some quick math if you had the accessories from pf and idd with AoA 2nd earring and ring with Xeross set you would have without cubics and collections transform 21.15 atk, 16.8 acc, 4.2 crit. It is the same PvP atk and def and more base HP/p.def/m.def. You can then add whatever S minion stat you have to thiss and any stats from xform cubic and collection and tell me if that is better or worse than DT but I will tell you so you can skip the math IT'S BETTER. Just like stated its going to be rough currently to get the full set crafted its 100% if you get the mats if you get a proc it
  9. The crit lost on Xeross to DT if you are a person with extreme luck who 100% luna retunes is 1049. I doubt people 100% all pieces but well give the benefit of the doubt. Legendary manastone are easy to get so if you used legendary manastones that is 14 stones. So 14 stone is 280 attack, with ulti it is 12 so ulti atk would make it 276, the Xeross set has higher base stats than DT anyway seeing as the set has the same base stats as the new set with full armor and weapon you get 210 atk more than DT so even if you socketed 14 stones to give you the 1049 crit you are missing from the tunings you
  10. We all know NA does't do anything but ship KR stuff so the likelihood of getting an actual event is low as KR doesn't celebrate thanksgiving, their thanksgiving is Chuseok which we got a few events ago the Songpyeon event is their thanksgiving doesn't change the fact it comes off lazy and the promo isn't that amazing but sadly to be expected
  11. Yes technically the tuned stats are higher as well but by a very small amount like each def by 5, atk by 6, hp varies so avg is 20. This means you have 11 pieces whatever you can slot in manastones more than the other player if they wanted to have your exact same same base stats this seems big but I mean if you just look at unsocket stats you have 210 more atk if you max tune have 2 of the weapons combined and 238 p.def/m.def more 426 more HP. Thats 33 slots to socket that same amount in DT. In the grand scheme of things little def stats less really not that much of a difference so really don'
  12. Yes I do play on NA I ran with another group yesterday for BT NM and we only got to 60%. I really think the dps is fine the problem comes with the mechanics which no one has a real clue on what the mechanics actually are they are just following the EU video without truly understanding. The movements are bad and the dps is too worried about irrelevant things. This said it will just take time and practice I am originally from the KR server and I can tell you when we got it there it took us many tries learning the mechanics getting cubics and improving our gear before we were successful and it is
  13. To correct myself its only 1k as they are in 100 groups instead of 1000 like I thought they were
  14. I wouldn't mind the price being lower at all it would only mean that my alts would all have a stack of extractors like my main, yes a stack, 10k extractors. It is a reward in Udas and it is also a lugbug reward. Changing the price won't affect my main but it would change my alts to have plenty for when I do go out and grind a bit on them there is a few times where I cant justify spending the little kinah I give them as allowance a week on extractors ^^ a casual player I don't think uses that many extractors unless they go out and farm so I don't think it even really matters for those players j
  15. There still is DT, and there is also shadowdelve/elyos version which is the easier thing to get in the game get xp mark and buy it ulti outright. Unfortunately our morphing stones was gone but this was 1 way to get the stones. You can get with renown. You can buy bundles with stones or you can also buy the demaha exchange tickets there are a few other ways as well but I guess for some not knowing how to farm stones makes it kind of difficult to know how you can gear. Accessories don't enchant so you save stones there so I think its honestly better than before. Also if you want DT easier grab a
  16. It was 2 as prestige is 3 and was 3 before as well. Maybe you had prestige and didn't realize it last time
  17. I feel parts of the game are still fun others not so much. I think PvP in this game is rubbish here in NA for a multitude of reasons that have been named time and time again in the forums. I don't mind it in Korea but only when I am home there and not in the US for 1 reason and thats sub 10ms. PvE in this game I actually enjoy it because its with friends and as far as the other maintenace things I personally don't mind it as it is a time waster and to me I like the grind its somewhat theraputic to turn my brain of and just grind after long days at work. I much rather do instances with fri
  18. I do wish we could get the cubics as well. I do find it odd that they give us the platinum cubics but only for some instanes and not all I would love to be able to purchase them all please @Loki @Kibbelz I will say people have been asking me but you can do the instances with 9% def I don't know if you've run frigida but it is possible with only 9% def as well. SW and Beritra don't have a timer like frigida where they will enrage if you don't do it fast enough so this means if it takes you 15m then it takes you 15m at least you finish. SW this mean you'll probably get a bad rank but finish
  19. It is similar as all the reworked instances its a nice bit of nostalgia easy mode is not hard and EU has already posted a few videos and there are plenty of Korean videos if you want to see the mechanics 파슈만디르 사원 is the Korean name
  20. Besh easy mode you can do with 4 or 5 and yes aoa easy was soloable by a templar in 7.5 and there are also plenty of videos on it as well does not mean that it is fast just a person from discord brought it up to me and I told them I guess you can and they sent me a Temp soloing it so I tried it as well and yes it was possible but it takes a ridiculously long time and it is not worth (as in you could do 3 runs with a group of 6 by the time you finish 1 solo)
  21. I am sorry that I don't have a profile on this site but in my honest opinion the only reason to have a profile would in fact be to show off trying to hit a certain ranking and I am sorry that's not really my cup of tea. The game is for fun and someone wishes to tryhard and enjoy that by all means go for it but its not for everyone. I am a generally friendly person I answer questions in lfg, I joke around, I help people when I am out farming, or give my opinion on things. I can understand if you don't agree with my opinions and I respect that you have your own. I am glad to discuss with you why
  22. I have stated before I do not use meters, shugo console, or any other things with my client I generally have lag with them running when playing from overseas anyway and the few friends I still run with for fun outside my static only use the rainmeter. Both of my toons (chanter and cleric) have the same exact name just obviously one with an L and the other with an I. I never made a new account when they changed the forums years ago otherwise it would say DN as I am from Tiamat and Zikel before that and I no longer play there so it is better that it says KT as I transfered servers long ago. Most
  23. Didn't really get to see the mechanics running it the old way I think I have mentioned it before but we do 3 on each boss and it is much simpler. We have the cleric or SW with the magma group and a chanter with the heavan group takes us about 5-7min depending. Just communicate through whatever voice service you use similar to the old IDD. Thats at least our method and it worked last update so we just continue to do it this way
  24. The only reason I entertained the offtopic remark was because I was drawing a parallel for you just because you think something is better doesn't mean that it is better. I would gladly talk to you in a pm or on the off-topic threads if you really wanted to talk aout Hawai'i as you have likely not lived there and know very little about it. I don't know what you following comment refers too so I will skip it. e kala mai ia`u ʻike iki ʻoe 😕 Nothing in Classic is different from retail about the monitization of the game and how its run. The only difference is the game is simpler. Do you rea
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