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  1. Well here it is as far as we know for sure new update happens in Korea on the 21st of this month they said they will be revealing the upcoming 1.7 Classic info in the coming weeks along with more info on what is actually in the new Apsuranta patch coming to Aion. The test server for the small amount of content creators that went to HQ are under NDA agreement until later so the info is not available besides what NC has said on it. EU is not even the same publisher who goes by their own rules so not to be mean but who tf cares about EU and whatever EU players like or have to say about anything
  2. The issue Arhangelos is talking about is this is a reworded repost of the same posts that come up in the forums every few weeks its going to end the same way. One thing you are not understanding is not everyone defines fun the way that you do. You must take this in mind when making broad assumptions of the playerbase. Also people seem to forget Aion 2 is under development from NC this is most likely what it is referring to. Honestly the video was taken down shortly after it was posted it didn't last a day this is because it was pure speculation but even the stuff that is on test server has a s
  3. Just a little something to add I am asmodian and I have azphel and ariel you can also get both of these from farming in SC you don't just have to farm the other races territory for renown. I will say I have been combining like crazy on transforms and I have not unlocked Triniel, Yustiel, Vaizel, or Lumiel so idk if these are actually in the normal combine table. I have gotten plenty of the other transformations so maybe I am just unlucky but I combined 28 legendaries for this event to get 3 ultimate transforms so I get the max prime runestones. I would say probably going for one of those 4 is
  4. @HealingSquid-KT Everyone is going to have their favorite type of game and this is fine and the region you play in is also going to affect this as well. I cannot speak to NA/EU BDO I do not know as I do not play there, never did. BDO is fine, it is the other game that I play, besides the occasional WoW. BDO offers a lot of different things and that is good but they are not really similar game to Aion. Things that you compared is the same for almost any game. You have every right to enjoy your BDO just like others their FF or GW, WoW, or even the players who still enjoy Aion. There is no g
  5. @Vasilios-KT The thing I guess you are not understanding is there is a way for f2p players to get all of the things and also the players who were paying for these things did not need to spend thousands of dollars for them. I started a whole new account at the start of 7.5 I made the character during the FM event before the patch hit leveled to 80 and was ready when 7.5 hit. I currently have all of the things you stated the p2w players have and the only money I spent on this account is 135 USD for my prestige. I have a paragon weapon at +8 and the set at +5. I have 86/92 transfroms. I have the
  6. I didn't say there is anything wrong with people who are 100% f2p without spending a thing on the game I just said you have to be ready to grind for what you want. Even in BDO and yes I play it as well you cannot tell me that as a 100% f2p that you can progress fast it takes longer than Aion does with more work on the player part regardless of the free stuff you get each day and from the events. There is nothing wrong with f2p players but the game can't just give everything away and be free of all cost to players. BDO has no real end game its is all open ended sandbox type game so you can't ev
  7. I am only trying to state if you want to be 100% f2p this is the cost. The game is f2p so you do not have to spend a thing but you have to realize a game cannot survive if there is nothing funding it at all. So it gives you the option if you do not wish to work for it, to buy it. You can't have both ways. I think what we have is good its by no means perfect. In Korea I do not have the option to do AS since its only an event thing not a perma thing like it is here in NA never was in KR. The rates on combines if I don't use at least 4 legendary is bad and I can get screwed and drop down to Ancie
  8. I will say its a guarenteed legendary 10 type. You also got a legendary from the stormwing and at the end with get your 1 Apostle from your Stormwing as well so I don't really see an issue. Legendary is legendary lets just be happy we are getting them for 0 effort
  9. This is actually not true the 3 server on KR were already low populations long long before the announcement of Classic they had horrible server imbalance and people were asking for 3 server for a long time. Now that it is 2 people are complaining that it's 2 and they are getting horrible lag on the server with the people on them now. The thing is there is next to NO CHANCE. Someone just showed you the contracts you could get in 6mo, most of these contracts are 10 type only so if you had 0 transforms to start the likelihood that in 6mo doing that grind getting contracts even if you had
  10. It was changed from 1-3 to 1-6. I d/e over 50 royal heart pieces I never got 6 but I got 4 a lot and 5 once or twice. 3 was definitely the most common though Also @Gabrielis-KT There are quite a few players who as odd as it was upgraded 2 earring or 2 ring they can d/e and get something back since it is not optimal to be using 2 of these accessories
  11. You are correct you can get 441 coin for free so you will only be able to get a 10 type
  12. The thing is if you don't have time to grind in an MMO its probably not the game type for you. MMO's are not designed to be played like this by all means you can still play it and have fun, do your thing, but you can't really talk on the functions of the game because you don't actually take part in the normal functions of the game. I have Ultimate transforms so I get that I seem biased. I actually have at least 1 on all 6 accounts and I helped my wife get hers on her 2 accounts, but I can tell you I am not super sweaty playing this game 24/7. You can check through a ton of my previous posts I
  13. I run 6 accounts through Abyssal Splinter 12 toon on 5 accounts are in unretuned heartguard armor weapon and accessories its not enchanted its not socketed it is just barebones. I easily hit 1.8 to 2.6m dmg on any of the characters my accounts are 1 of each of the classes so there is no class worse for it than others. It is not hard to run AS it is easy if you do not wish to do it that is fine do not do it but you cannot complain about there being no viable ways to accumulate legendary transforms for the promotionals. The things you need to do is a grind but its not a huge time commitment and
  14. Any class with untuned xp mark gear can get an S this takes a week to get on a character. then that is on the person for not running AS and yes its 26 and change for the Legendary if you use the luna you get from mission, lugbug and arena you can easily do 24 run a day and get 2 contracts in this time. Gelk is really easy to get max renown and Silentra you just make sure to try to kill the bosses when you get the chacnce and do the quests as you get higher and eventually lvl 9 renown there you buy the apostle shards. This is 10 weeks and you can have 2 more if you have the marks. So 10 weeks t
  15. Unfortunately these are needed stats. Chanter needs the Parry when in dps so they can use 2 of their skills which require a parry before you can use them. Cleric's require a block so they can use a stigma as well. Cleric and Chanter both use Block and Evasion sets. I also actually run an Evasion set on my SM and SW too. So these sets do have purpose in the game. I do agree though that they should decrease the cost of the retune fees
  16. idk if players have seen zone 1 of ing and gelk its already full of bots all day long doing it for the luna. It won't make a difference if they add the auto-combat or not it will do nothing people running programs aren't going to magically stop using programs
  17. The whole point is this should not even be necessary if we all treat each other with at least basic respect regardless if we like them or not or if they are our friends or not. Not everyone will like you and that is okay its ust life. All that is asked is we set aside the petty issue and at least have a baseline respect in the way we communicate with each other. This is what is asked in the code of conduct on the forums. So its our responibility to abide by these rules. I will drop it because this was all I was trying say. I hope everyone has a good rest of the New Year celebration.
  18. You are also making plenty of derrogatory remarks to people who only tried to say 2 simple things to you. Your use of vulgarities and homophopic remarks come off extremely disrespectful as no one has insulted you in this manner and the fact that you retaliate with such remarks are very offensive. I would ask that you might want to take a break, get some water, maybe some fresh air, and come back when you have cooled down and be more receptive to people just trying to help you
  19. I am not friends with them the fact we play the same race on the same server is only coincidentally due to the fact there is only 2 races and 2 servers. I have maybe run 1 instance since the begging of this game with them. Sure I see them in town afk every now and again but that goes for many players of this game. Also to direct you to the conduct/rules of the forum you probably did not read: Obscene / Vulgar or Inappropriate Language and/or Images Some people are comfortable with all kinds of colorful language and images, others are not. We ask that our forum members remember to
  20. Almost everything you write is so cringe. I don't write anything but I am sadly at the limit. The forums have rules, no they are really enforced. This means its in the users hand to abide by the rules set forth so we can have a coherent and easily navigatable forum to post inquiries and find answers. Like Arhangelos stated and at first it was nicely I might add to Post your inquiries in the Player to Player Support - Forums. It helps keep the forums clutter free and it is much easier to find and answer your question. As I have stated in the past your attidude is uneeded you complain about peop
  21. The breath is same as now 1 per account per month the daily and weekly complete lugbug gives a box that can have ultimate memory shards or ultimate potions in it. Most of the time its just a potion. The other way you can get memory shard if from the GP vendor based on the gp you have it get converted into a currency and this currency can be used at the vendor for a few different things one being ultimate memory shards. This way if you got about 85k GP per season you could possibly get it in 6 months
  22. Sadly it is rng because the box that gives shard most of the time only gives pots. The only for sure way to get the transform in 6 mo time is if you are at almost 4x our normal Governor GP at the end each season and you do the daily lugbug every single day and weekly each week. If you managed to have perfect RNG and didn't get any GP ever it would take you around 8/9 mo
  23. Most people won't even play a game without PvP. Open world PvP is the reason why people play a lot of games. If you only want a PvE game you can play FF and be happy, but a lot of people do not agree with your assumption.FF in the Japan server isn't even that many players. I can't judge NA or EU but at least on Japan server it feels really dead
  24. I play both BDO and Aion and essentially they are the same they are both games you just AFK and do boring no brain activities 75% of the time. The only difference is that in BDO since there is no real PvE content like Aion you aren't gated to daily and weekly things similar to Aion. They both are pretty maintenance mode games. The main reason there was a server merge and the Players asked for 3 servers not 2 and many are upset about the 2 server is there were 3 large servers which good populations but there were 3 server that were "dead" but still having much better than NA or EU populat
  25. Yes what I am saying but instead of giving us the same that we have for transforms for Item collections we got the server bound stats how it is on every other region. Sucks but it is what it is
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