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  1. Yeah if they did that would kind of suck seeing as its 1 day until the end and thats a lot of farming to do since I was only able to actually buy a legendary contract once and I much rather had the minion to get me a combine for my alt. Couldn't even buy stones because if I missed at one and went to stones they were gone while I was at the other NPC XD but yeah sucks. I only farmed the 2.7k melons on all 12 of my toons each week to buy the items from the 24/7 vendor and called it a week
  2. Wasn't going to reply to this thread anymore because its becoming a shout down anyone who doesn't think the same as you kind of thing and there is just no point to it. But jeez @Unbeatable-KT that was probably the most toxic thing I have read in a while. While I don't really know @Aieryn-DN the name is familiar I guess maybe. But regardless what does it even matter who crowned you the Leader of Aion to tell people what they can and can't do in a public forum. You are the one who opened the discourse if you didn't get all the comments you wished to get sorry but thats life not everyone will fee
  3. You can buy it from broker, you can buy from bcm currently, you can do the Prestige ones if you have prestige, you can get them from all sorts of events, you can run Minium Vault, and they can drop they also still drop at random in some PvE instances. You can do old way and upgrade from B there are a good number of different ways to get them how you get it is your choice but no it is not very hard to get an A
  4. ??? What do you mean obviously the owners pay for the bots that is the whole reason why they are there. There is no free time other than the hour a day you get and other occasional promotional things.
  5. What arhangelos stated is 100% true this is why this whole loot boxes is gambling thing hasn't really gotten anywhere and they are trying to butt pull to find loopholes. Sure it sucks, it really does, but it is not gambling in any normal sense of the word and trying to alter the word means that honestly anything is gambling. Whats next you buy a bag of candy and you get upset there were only 13 red pieces when you wanted at least 20 and your friends bag of candy had 26 red pieces. Come on guys its called self restraint you know the goods are virtual and worthless
  6. its 100% to craft it if it procs you get it +7 out of the box
  7. Short and sweet. Silence is #1 is applicable everywhere. Stumble/Stun round out top 3 since not so many glad I see open world there are a good number but its not crazy stun probably just barely beats out stumble. The rest of them if you want and you can swap in your niche scenarios.
  8. Only issue with that you can't expect sub fee alone is going to pay for the server so get ready to have your non p2w game ruined if they don't just choose to cut losses and just pull the plug on the game all together
  9. I don't think anyone cares for the most part if Aion Classic comes to NA, and if it brings more people to the game that's good for the game but the issue is if it can only bring low numbers of people and takes 200 or something from retail. That is when we see the problems. Then you will see 2 poorly managed and funded games and they both will fail
  10. Just thought I would add a good parallel example SW their dps in PvE isn't very good but when you look at them in PvP their dps is good because of the way their kit is set up chanter is the same way. I could say same for ranger/gunner in PvE vs PvP but I can see where that would not hit the mark the same esp since SW is probably the closest parallel you can get since Cleric doesn't really count because the class is just busted right now. I hope that helps a small bit as much as I would like chanter to do more damage in PvE our role is pretty clear to be main healer as we just do it so we
  11. One of the things Korea does is balance more towards PvP and in PvP chanters are super oppressive so they can't tool tip for so high and still be balanced. If you just look at straight dps it doesn't matter the skills base is low look at cleric its the same thing full dps chanters without and heals actually do very decent damage yes there aren't a top dps class but the way their class is designed they wont ever really be. With 23.546 atk my damage for PvE is really decent middle of the pack and for PvP there are times where it blows your mind when you actually get the kd and the crit on t
  12. It is very much Chanters in their current state are by far the best healer of the patch and Cleric the much greater dps. imo if we add SW to the list of healers I would actually rank them above cleric as well as healers. They made it so when you play a class that can be a healer you just have to pick whether you want dps or support. If you run a full dps chanter even in PvE if you compare it to the other 2 classes that can support their dmg is honestly pretty on par with a SW, Cleric being in a totally seperate rank as their damage got large buffs while their heals got nerfs, that is not sayin
  13. Even if you play from EU thats 18:00, 20:00, 4:00, 6:00. 2 of those times should be fine. If you play from Asia time zones for most asia that is 0:00, 2:00, 8:00, 12:00 this could potentially be an issue for some
  14. I want to say I am totally not against Classic as well I have quit playing it my sub ran out and I am no longer really interested in playing more but I can say my experience was enjoyable. All I would like to see is that the West really plans this out before it would be implemented here. I can say you are probably correct in the statment that it would be larger than Retail because retail here is currently in a spot where there is more negativity than anything else. For me this means we really need to push for some decent balance here before we can bring something like Classic because again wit
  15. The starts you gain vs the stats you lose are essentially even with DT so you are spending so much time to craft a set that is a lateral move not really an improvement and seeing as you have to enchant that as well yikes just stay in your DT if you don't want the new set. Also it is so much faster to get the thorn set than the crafted maybe if you hardcore PvE'd and had a group to funnel you all mats then maybe its faster but most likely its the same amount of time unless you are burning luna on resets. At the very least with armor if were saying standard set then there are only 3 bad tuning o
  16. Guess the point is if you have weapons and all 6 pieces you lose 1.750 crit to gain 190 attack 450 HP 240 each defense if you want accuracy its +60. Even if you can get the hearts easy its not something I would replace put over the sovereign This is the difference is not going to change the damage at all even if you could get it quickly same goes for the pvp set better off with DT til you get the Thorn
  17. Legions of war wasn't a mmo its based off the Aion Tempest rpg gacha game from a long time back and yeah that closed but Aion 2 is similar to the other Mobile titles NC has been putting out with BnS. But still under development and no further news similar to the new BnS mobile game that will be similar to it. Since Lineage M and Lineage 2 M and BnS' version are just mobile ports of the PC version seems at least these new Aion and BnS will be new games for Mobile and will be mmo's but there isn't any news so who knows when we will know
  18. I have crafted one piece, the gloves, only reason I even got the hearts for it was I run with a static and no one crafts so they pass on it because if you're not crafting its just a useless item taking up an invetory slot but in randoms its red people are gonna roll on it regardless of what it is honestly they'll roll on anything even if you put whites on roll. So yeah it sucks a guy in legion got one of the clearsky boxes from lumiels but I mean the set is kinda bad unless you really need something as I stated before on another thread the set doesn't have crit. So you can socket the crit you
  19. The only thing I am saying is the rate in Korea is 15 for 2, 32 for 3, and 49 for 4, this sucks. I cannot buy a pre maxed A minion, I cannot farm luna for free in Korea as they do not have these option in the game I want luna I buy it with money. I want minium I can buy it with money so that is a way to circumvent that but its too expensive to be doing that for minions. In NA the supposed rate is 15 for 2, 40 for 3, and 70 for 4. With this buff I would do all I can to take advantage of it instead of scoffing at it because no other region is as blessed as us in a lot of features we have. KR and
  20. The only issue that I have with this is Aion being the 16th most played game in Korea it could not be possible if there were only 3k-4k players on Retail. There is no way that it would even meet this mark for months on end. However I do think days before the patch hit as there was a cap on the anniversary event and Tia eye had ended the prior week less people weren't wishing to grind garden and the daevanion skill books and later items were much less worth. Also I can assure you that my legion has about 248 give or take players in it and during siege WB runs we generally have 3 alliances worth
  21. Also here you go it states; Minion awakening has been added. You will see the awakening added to the S minion of lvl 4 stage only. When you click it will list all possible materials but it can only be awaken with S minion but the type and level are irrelevant. <- Minion used to awaken can be S rank no enchant. Then says, If you register a material minion and press awakening The minion will succeed with 100% probability as shown. After awakening blah blah you saw in the video Rag posted. I attached the thread post so you can see for yourself https://aion.plaync.com/board/hotissue/v
  22. I have no issue with what Arhangelos said if we want to as specific NCwest to allow a beyond 4 combine 100% method I don't mind at all and also you can get A minium through the random lugbug rewards as well as the gold sand, luna random, MV, and prestige. If they want to add more Minion based rewards in event also I wouldn't be opposed. I think the majority of people I have asked who had failed minions did 3 minion or 2. The ones that did use 4 only did it once and failed I have not yet failed the 4 combine twice in a row but maybe that will come sometime later for me I have failed on the firs
  23. I'm stating again there is always push and pull in any game you have to sacrifice something if you want something else. We all don't have unlimited time and money just some have more or less than others. Out of all of my S minions I have failed on the 4 minion attempt 32% meaning the supposed 70% success it pretty spot on. If I look at my 2 combines which is supposed to be about 15% I am lucky if I look at the 3's which is 40% I belive for this I am unlucky. Even with all this our rate is much better than other regions they have the same KR rate of 15-2 32-3 49-4. I can assure you this isn't o
  24. I have failed on S minion before as well but there IS a significant rate increase from using 2 to using 3 ant to 4 it is night an day different. I have yes had prestige and grinded every single reset and etc on all 12 of my toons and 1 by 1 I do 3 extra run on 1 toon a day until I get the S and move to the next all 12 of my toons have 1 S minion. 2 have 2, 1 has 3, and 2 have 5. Sure I agree I would love for more ways to get minium because the grind is tiresome but I hear people complaining about the rate in game and then they tell me they are using 2 or 3 minions. Well that is your problem r
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