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  1. there are still have many cheats user in this game why ncsoft try to break this game we spent over $1000 bought bcm stones made our +15 stigma set who will PTW again ? @Kibbelz maybe you can REMOVE some mats from list like Ultimate Etium and Fighting Spirit Fragment , there are so many CHEATERs has those mats in account. they will break game tomorrow. if only do with Stellium for mat it's fair enough because only Main charater-users have them. if someone here dosen't like my post here they are 100% cheat users
  2. Like title , after 7.5 patch we didn't get any good event , there are many players returned to AION again and they don't have good transformations. look at transformations list there are so many new transforms, but how to get them?? we can't get them without EVENT now. how about give us ultimate transfom event at next week ? We don't need that ultimate enchant stones event , anyway price is expensive for most of us , and that skill skin worth $250 per one lol look at price look at the price. I'd like to spend more money for ultimate transformations , because I still use bad le
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