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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Greetings, to be honest, I don't know the real intention of this post. I have real hopes that it is not just a consolation (mental relief). I really liked the post from @ Shaidessa-KT. Taking some of what she said: - It would be interesting to campaign to attract and retain new players. (The system of progression to level 80 of the game is very boring (thanks 7.5), it is almost impossible to get Kinah when you are a new player) - I am a busy person and I think everyone is like that, it would be good to review the number of daily missions in this game, OMG, I come home from work at night and enter the game to relax and enjoy a good game, but that it seems to be another job. Frustrating. - Another suggestion within the game would be that we could apply PvP dungeons directly from "fast track servers" (Red-Katalam, Demha, Lakrum). I have already stopped running many of these instances for that reason. '-' Finally, unfortunately there are very relative things, which is bad for one may not be bad for the other so we are like this. Thank you for taking an interest in our opinions.
  2. Change Gemstone/Runes slots

    UP . . . I would also very much appreciate an answer.