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  1. Patch note says : "Silentium Fusion Agent: Purchased from Renown merchants." But I can't find renown merchants NPC in Timeless Terrace. The NPC icon is visible on minimap, but there's no NPC in the location shown by the map.
  2. So I have a character that reach level 80 just by doing Luna. How to open the stigma slot so I can play it?
  3. Thanks all your answers is very clear and helps a lot. Cheers!
  4. Hi @TheSecretCowLeve-KTthanks for reply Is +12 stigma on additional slot (vertical on the right) increase Enchantment level bonus? Or only 6 default ones give the enchantment level bonus?
  5. As I have collected 9 stigma boxes from pumpkin events, I want to ask before I choose 9 stigma +12 or only 6 and pick minions/transformation from other 3 boxes. What is the benefit from enchanting 3 additional stigma (3 vertical on the right)? Is it enough if we only enchant main 6 stigma?
  6. Can you please explain this part? "Sets previously available for purchase with the removed coins (Lakrum Scout, Legion Scout, Legion Guard, Aureate Sky, Katalam Accessories) as well as World Boss drops and Katalam Crystal Box (Tranquil Scout, Cruel Demaha, Fierce Katalam) have been consolidated into a single set of accessories and 1 each PvE/PvP sets." Is this mean existing sets will be automatically converted to new set? Or existing sets stay the same, and there will be 1 new set available for players if they want to get with Exp Mark?
  7. Thanks for the reply @lostcrazyman-KT How about Legendary Bloodmarks, Stellium, Genesys Crystal, and Titan Coin? Should we exchange them to stuff before they become useless in 7.7 or they will still have a purpose?
  8. What should we prepare while waiting for 7.7 update? So far I know we can save up EXP Mark and Abyss Points as they will be needed for new PVP gear. Is there anything else? Hope someone with 7.7 knowledge willing to share here... Also how will we get Enchantment Stone in 7.7? Should we farm bobonerk too while exp event is ON now? Demaha exchange coupon will still be available? Also Etium to Ridium exchange will still be available? Or there will be new ways to get Enchantment Stones in 7.7? Same question with gemstone/runestone enchantment stone (forgot the item name..)
  9. What is the different between recipes of "[Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle" that have 20h cooldown vs non-cooldown?
  10. Hello, what's the recommended stat for "Normal" difficulty instances (also hard and PVP stats if you dont mind...), and world PVE (camp questing) nowdays? I'm going to socket some ultimate manastones so I don't want to over socket either stat. Thanks PS : my character is assassin
  11. I have a few question about assassin in 7.5. Deciced to make assassin after I got Kromede transformation. I'm a returning player from patch 4.5 but very new to assassin. What is current minimum stat requirement for general world PVP now? I want to socket manastones but a bit confused... I heard that unbuffed (without food) sins need like 5k critical and the rest is physical attack, is this true? Why I see some people PVP with PVE gear? Am I missing something here, or we still need PVP gear for PVP. I'm planning to use Katalam Acc & feathers, Weapons, and Armors. Wh
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