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  1. What is the different between recipes of "[Event] Balaurea Crafting Request Bundle" that have 20h cooldown vs non-cooldown?
  2. Hello, what's the recommended stat for "Normal" difficulty instances (also hard and PVP stats if you dont mind...), and world PVE (camp questing) nowdays? I'm going to socket some ultimate manastones so I don't want to over socket either stat. Thanks PS : my character is assassin
  3. I have a few question about assassin in 7.5. Deciced to make assassin after I got Kromede transformation. I'm a returning player from patch 4.5 but very new to assassin. What is current minimum stat requirement for general world PVP now? I want to socket manastones but a bit confused... I heard that unbuffed (without food) sins need like 5k critical and the rest is physical attack, is this true? Why I see some people PVP with PVE gear? Am I missing something here, or we still need PVP gear for PVP. I'm planning to use Katalam Acc & feathers, Weapons, and Armors. What runestone and gemstone is best for sins? Not related but is "Qubrinerk's Cubic Lab" only give cubic for specific bosses and not general stat boost like HP/etc?