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  1. Can confirm mine arrived in my inventory, as well as my parties (A rank hero, week 4)
  2. The site hasn't updated yet but i received an email informing me I had won a category this morning. So they seem to finally be onto it
  3. Just had it drop on my Glad doing the Elyos spirits for the campaign quest in Morhiem
  4. Awesome. This is the kind of stuff I was hoping for before a patch. Good reasons to keep playing :). Will the daily log on survey items be changing as per previous maintenance post?
  5. Hello, Do we think we will get the remaining character slots with 1.5? Does anyone know when Korea got them?
  6. 3 months of 1.2 3 months of 1.5 3 months of 1.7 3 months of 1.9. Would make 2.0 one year after launch. Makes sense to me.
  7. I've been playing every day since launch and having an absolute blast, i don't intend to stop for a long time. And I am an Asmo on Israphel. People complain way too much.
  8. Kept the same look from retail to classic. ^Classic ^retail
  9. Hello, can we get some 4k wallpapers for Aion? would especially love if you could release the 4k versions of the 4.0 character wallpapers.
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