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  1. @Gabe-DN damn good to see you I remember you from 3.0 the thing is that I Seeing people who are first offenders and thy got Perm ban.
  2. @HealingSquid-KT the guy is not being salty he got a point if you going to ban a lot of people it has to be equal for everybody not 7 Days for some people.it has to be equal bottom line.
  3. the thing that I don't understand how can some people got 7-Day ban and all the people got permanent ban and they use the same (Bid, for kinah trade) how can they determine who stays and who goes.they do whatever they want over there they should come with a better system for the kinah because the economy of the game is way too expensive that's why we don't get new players to play this game.t's impossible to play this game as a new player when you don't have nothing and that's why a lot of people leave the game.
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