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  1. If the data correct I am going to send a ticket report that group. As I know only the people who play year by year to collect hundred thousand prestige coins to buy platinum cubics can be done this instance. It's not fair for them and their spending.
  2. My first question is: Is that website https://myaion.eu/ took correct data from AION? My second quest is: I see on my server (Katalam-Elyos) has 1 team finished PF hard mode last boss with 3 clerics and no templar (https://myaion.eu/PvESession/14867), is this possible? They do it with duration: 10 min 19 s and doesn't need to heal much. I look them so weird, so I want to know this is wrong data or have any bug on this end game instance.
  3. You can party with your friends, take the loot by turn, after everybody looted then reset the loot. Problem is you don't have friends right?
  4. The reason you say that because they are not your friends, or you haven’t get help from them, from their invitation. One of my friend after 10 years playing, just because his friend borrow him kinah and that guy open bidding made both of them get banned. What i mean is for person who play active or just 1st time cheating get 7-30 days banned instead wave perma ban everybody. Let see how many person left after this.
  5. The wave ban is really not a smart decision. If person break the rules a few time, get banned before, or inactive person just log and bot luna then bid kinah is deserved to get perma ban. But some active player a few year never get banned, or leader siege/altar, governor also get perma ban, then who is the rest player will play with? I see alot of people quit after their friends gone, the game very quite in Elyos KT now, idk how other faction. @Loki @Hime you should listen to appeals of active player, don’t just answer like a robot; and please low down punishment for them if can. Th
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