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  1. Thanks again Vantheria ... I did as you suggested, and I am leveling just fine
  2. I just want to make a small contribution to this subject for any of those new to Aion (like me). For those of you New players getting the mounts through acorn purchases ... those are only available to you up to level 76. After you graduate, the shudo will no longer offer you those mounts.
  3. ah, OK. I can stop driving myself crazy with this. Thank you, so much for the help, Vantheria. I'm gonna push the envelope here and hope for just a bit more help. Essencetapping ... I've reached level 79. When I continue to tap, I get a message that I received experience, but my level doesn't move past 79. Can anyone give me any pointers on this?
  4. Thanks Vantheria for the help. I am referring to extraction for manastone fasteners. The problem I have is that my extraction tab is grayed out. I thought it was because I needed the "extraction tool". But, perhaps it is because that item cannot be extracted?
  5. Hi fellow gamers. I'm fairly new to Aion and am fumbling through. Finding info on the new version is not easy. I'm not able to locate any General Goods Merchant that sells the extraction tool (for extraction on equipment) Can someone please help me with this?
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