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  1. (Forgive me for double posting in my own topic- just realized that was old art of Marchutan! But I'd still like to know if there is a story worth playing)
  2. I haven't played aion in a long time (Years) and I'm seeing that there was a recent return to Katalam update. Sounds awesome! I'm curious however- the banner on the front page depicts Kaisinel fighting with (what looks to be) another lord. Is this so? Who is the other character with the two different colored eyes/staff? I'm wondering if there is a new story worth playing through. Looks awesome!
  3. I'm not going to sugarcoat how much I dislike the winning design. That doesn't make Prototype a bad artist, on the contrary, were this a different game I wouldn't mind so much. But I'm sick of seeing Lolita style outfits in aion constantly, along with "school boy" type designs for men. I'm not a fan of what's happening with the pants on the male design. Not a judgement of the artists skill, again, I'm just not into the "My overalls are falling down" look >< The store has been flooded with the same kind of overtly cute design lately as well, and I just don't understand why the developers
  4. ^This, all of this. You are absolutely right. I totally understand why people would want the option to remove the mane and claws. But when I play an Asmodian, I want to play -an Asmodian- with the full kit. It's always annoyed me that the option to at least have claws and a better mane were taken away. Especially since many of the armors that once had claws still have gaps and weird imperfections where the claws should be. (At least the last time I checked) Not to mention how the mesh morph on male asmo's feet is pretty broken. It used to be that any armor that took away claws made your f
  5. I couldn't agree more. I don't mind having cute things available to those that want them, but in so many ways the dignity and feel of this game has been lost. I love it's lore and the look of it's older, more intimidating armors. Also what happened to your asmodian reminds me of what happpened to my old main >< It's heartbreaking.I've spent hours trying to re-create something that at least resembles my old face, but that eye-bag shadow is a killer. I've resorted to making purple and darker skinned asmos now to hide it
  6. I'd forgotten the save character values. It's been a while since I've made a new character. That was nice and a much needed change. Though honestly, it's simply a matter of aesthetic preference. It isn't just my characters that look this way to me. It's every ones, even those I see as pretty. Even the new character's I've made that I'm very attached to, and like quite a bit. That isn't meant to insult anyone or their ability to create a character. I just don't like the new look, in spite of spending hours altering old characters and experimenting *shrugs* I'm also not saying other pe
  7. Honestly, I don't feel as though there's more options at all in the new character creator. The only good thing about it was the dual toned eyes. The new hairstyles don't appeal to me whatsoever. Everything else feels the same, except for how horrible and dead the faces look. The shading on the old faces fit the feel of the game. The new shading looks like it's trying to be Blade x Soul and failing miserably (The lips look so gross now...and the inside of the mouth...ick) Every single character I see walk by me also looks the same to me now, especially since they've taken away the asmodian's cl
  8. Rebel leather shoulders and any corresponding skin parts would also be nice to see, since they're no longer acquirable through the boss they used to drop from.
  9. I miss the old log in screens so much ;_; that and the old character creator. I'm not a fan of the plasticy look of the new character creator. The faces had more soul before.
  10. Costumes with the dignity and dark feel the game used to have...like the Tiamat set, for example, or one of the Beritra set skins. I know this is about costumes, but I'd also like to see a permanent skin of Skafir’s Wing Feather.I have no idea if these are even still acquirable in game. And...an aesthetic item for asmodians where you can look as though you have one of the older mane styles >.>; My boys need their manes back instead of that tail thing ;_;
  11. And here I was, returning to Aion in the hopes of experiencing the eye once more .__.; I probably couldn't have gotten into a party anyway, since my character is still only level 65 and I haven't had the time to play any of the new content...but seeing this mistake sure does make the heart ache for the old days when these maps were just a part of the game and not something that could be messed up so easily. Ugh.
  12. Peev: So, I was looking forwards to this game on steam called Global Adventures by Suba Games, because it looked kind of fun. Only to discover that one of the first soundtracks in the game, after the cut scene, when you actually start fighting, WAS STOLEN FROM AION. It's one of the Mau village themes, completely ripped from the game, but such a recognizable soundtrack that I'm surprised they even thought they could get away with it. It could have been composed to sound like it. But it's so exact that it sounds just like it would when playing aion. It's like they nabbed it right out of the
  13. Peev/Rant: So I'm in an RP group on facebook, and everyone has decided to give each other Christmas gifts, without really consulting everyone about whether or not they had the means or desire to participate- it was just totally assumed that everyone would. Thinking that people were just gifting their close friends, I bought something within my means for my RP partner I really connect with (We text daily and everything, so to me it was only natural to buy her something I knew she'd enjoy) I did not expect others to get me anything at ALL, especially since I don't talk to them regularly or
  14. Have you actually logged into your account, or are you only looking at your list of characters on the character transfer list? One of mine appears as a jumble of letters and numbers still on the transfer list, but in game, he still has his name.
  15. I mean....do ya want a cookie or something for naming your character the way a 13 year old would...? You could have avoided this to begin with by actually choosing a reasonable name. >___>
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