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  1. Hello i'm one of those players affected by RNG who has tried lot of combines and still got nothing, most among abyssal legendary contracts and 2 months lugbug weekly... i make this topic because i finally feel like im enjoying the game, with this new pixels transformations with modified stats now i can stand and fight against ultimate xformed players that is a relief before this event the difference was HUGE and can't even do anything against that Atk/cast speed and movement speed for not saying it was drepressing to see how they escape on differents situations of pvp and how unbalanced it is
  2. Hello, i make this topic because of a known problem that has been affecting us all for long time, broker bots. These bots stands at any broker in the game, spamming one item in particular clicking "refresh", selecting the lower price and clicking "Buy" with an espeficical amount of kinah for example: Legendary Enchantments Stones, normal prices are between 25m - 30m so if they put 10million as maximum expense they will buy fastly every "Legendary Enchantment Stone" registered either 1 kinah to 10million kinah. And this method they can use it with any item "brokeable" they want to snipe. This
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