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  1. An effort is not enough. Yes, Aion is F2P, but reducing your customer trust through this “events” it’s not really a smart move. I don’t think that after this, anyone feels motivated to buy anything from your cash shop. It seems like you didn’t even made a good try at identifying your customers (whales already have advanced stigmas), and you wasted the momentum of your previous encouraging post. This event was for the players who were doubtful but were excited by your words and you just failed to get them back. Why? Because you don’t listen. We are tired of getting robbed. A
  2. @Kibbelz This is very much appreciated. First issue: Stat Cubics scarcity, for new players it’s impossible to get them completed in less than 1 month. Being this system a mere compliment to the endgame, I believe you should facilitate their acquisition. My proposal would be splitting cubic lab into 2 instances, one for the pve boss cubics and one for stat cubics, (maintaining the actual loot system of the instance for both cases. Maybe boost the drop a little) Second issue: Rank S minions. My suggestions are: a. Keep the actual scarcity of rank A contracts and minimum.
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