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  1. Hello @EMpulse Your post says that we have til the 11th to use all our items up, however you removed the winry coin NPC with maintenance so it needs to be returned so people can use the coins til the 11th. Please readd this you didnt say it would be removed Jan 4th
  2. The amount of RNG in this game is already game killing with the rates that you allow people to get things, not everything in game is GOLD. You have forgotten what it's like to be a player because you don't PLAY this game, listen to your player base and adjust, if you want a game to grow that's what has to happen 1820 luna weekly vs 650-130 is what most will get do you see the issue? FIX IT FAST WANNA MAKE MONEY? SKINS AND MOTIONS MUST I REPEAT SKINS AND MOTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I agree if NCWEST doesn't take immediate action on this situation this will also be my last day playing Aion which is sad because I love this game it's just horribly managed. This has been the same reply many of my friends have gotten, it's sad to see banned because you don't have money to spend. While animation hackers, gold sales, and people who buy kinah go unpunished, why because they spend money? Rules seem to be enforced only when you see benefit not because they are actually RULES. Since you don't want to deal with those rule breakers then you should reverse the other so called "cheaters" and just let the community live and thrive, which in the end results in more revenue for NCWEST.
  4. The amazing thing is you look at your previous posts EVERY SINGLE ONE has been negative and nothing supportive of anything, so keep thinking that talking big and bad behind an alt account is going to make your voice heard. You are a joke and nothing you say has any validity, you probably quit Aion years ago and still come to forums just to make drama. #PutYourRealGameNameOutThereCoward
  5. In reality NCWEST don't get bills paid if the player base is unhappy and its quite clear that the player base is not happy with the situation. So do the right thing and just unban all accounts and stop being stupid, or you will not have a player base left. As we have said before its clear support is unbanning paying players while leaving free to play players banned which should be illegal, Ironic that they are sending the generic response and unbanning paying players with the excuse of "Reviewing your login attempt, it appears that it was flagged for security reasons that prevented you from logging in. This could have been a result of high risk characteristics of your attempt or due to past associations with compromised accounts or devices. At this time, we’ve taken steps that should allow you to log in. Also, please understand that it is a violation of the User Agreement to transfer or share game accounts (except for a legal guardian allowing their minor child to play). The fact is that there are several reasons why account sharing is a bad idea. Any account in which a password is shared is an account in jeopardy of account security breaches." But people who are free to play are getting a completely different ban saying the decision is final and they will not be permitted to play. I encourage you to undo what you've done and save face as NCWEST already has a horrible reputation for not caring about its player base, can only chuck away so much before you don't have any players left to play your game.
  6. @Loki Ask yourself this is it worth having your hard-core veteran players walk away because you have banned their friends? You openly do not ban hackers who are even reported they are allowed to play freely why? Because they spend money? The fact that I know our community will suffer from this decision I encourage you to do the right thing, allow the game to keep regrowing and unban all the accounts you have banned this week. I fear that if you don't unban these players, we will be in a ghost town. If it's not breaking the game, then don't concern yourself with it. Reading these comment's, it's clear that the player base doesn't see a need for these bans and realize if we don't rectify the situation, the game we all love will come to an end. I beg you do the right thing and just unban everyone and let's get back to rebuilding the Aion community, not destroying it. But honestly the choice is yours to make Rebuild? or Destroy? We are waiting.
  7. @Kibbelz You said there will be a new event BUT, Why didn't you list the drops for the new event?
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