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  1. So funny you post here with your asmodian alter you use to trade on gelkmaros... CristinoRonaldo been every siege on the fort alone and bein killed by some elyos... And talk about ppl abusing of the game
  2. 1. Make event great again... Since 6.2 was launch we got a deat team letter saying event going to be nerfed, and since that time ppl is being complaining about this, every other region get amazing events, amazing rewards, by example on EU they get like 4 events active all the time, it gives amazing rewards progression for the f2p players is they work hard, and profit for the game coz the p2w preffer to pay for stuff instead of farming... 2. Skins unlimited on the store... Log in Europe server and check their store! They sell every single skin that has existed in game, and skins are reall
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