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  1. IDK who you guys have been playing with but chanter heals with the AOE heal is at least equally as strong as cleric heals. We're just missing group dispel and rezes, but this was about healing.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Throw in either some wrapping scrolls or make IDD/PF gear tradeable, k tnx
  3. Make gear from IDD/PF tradeable

    They are calling that an exploit and it doesn't work with 6 man IDD anyhow
  4. @Cyan It is utterly ridiculous that these items are not tradable or able to put on the broker. They are extremely hard to get a red drop of, especially the weapons, and if the needed class is not in the run, that is one red piece that goes to waste when it would help motivate players if they actually got them. Submitting tickets doesn't help, you get laughed at. (Whats the point of tickets anyway? most the time they laugh at your pain and ignore you anyhow.) I have a pole arm from IDD that I SHOULD be able to pass to glad who needs it (no glads were present in the run) Make that possible at least, tell your ticket guys to transfer it over -.-
  5. Lack of PVP in a PVP world

    Hi! Long time user, first time poster. I'd like to talk about... ARENAS! PVP 1v1s, 6v6s yada yada in general. Last patch, we had Arena of Tenacity... I loved this. I was never top. But this was the highlight of my week. We NEED the competition ranking back, supposedly it moved to normal arenas, but... nothing? Open world is fun and all, but it gets old. I need this 1v1 competition, win or lose, I want to go in there, pit myself against the best of the best and have some sort of reward at the end of the season. BRING BACK TENACITY! (or at least fix the seasons)
  6. Arena dodging

    I think that the people who "give up entering" need a longer delay when they pass. All 5 of my arenas today were empty. Arenas are one of the last places you can 1v1 and I really enjoy them. Only 5 a week and all empty because some little punk is sitting there cackling into his Doritos hitting the pass button? Infuriating. Maybe if you pass make it a 10 minute cant que again?
  7. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    @Cyan Is this some kind of sick joke? LETS TAKE AWAY THE GOOD NON PTW EVENT AND REPLACE IT WITH A PTW EVENT. You didn't even announce that this was going to be activated. The non ptw people never had time to stock up omegas or temperings to actually use this event because you have not given us a non ptw farmable event. Please answer the community, what the (blank) was going through your (managements) mind? Do you actually wish that the maybe 20 or less really ptw people will be the only ones playing this game? I truly am speechless
  8. It's not you, the nincompoop making us angry, it's the game mechanic that is(a broken one at that), sorry to hurt your already small ego (which we know you have because you feel the need to make that post and stock those pots)
  9. @Cyan Please remove this, it is taking away the competitiveness of the game
  10. Arena Dodging

    I never said it was a bug, I said it was BUGGING me, as in bothering, irking, disgruntling, ect. I agree that if you're just going to get totally mauled, mangled, destroyed whatever by someone you shouldn't have to stay the full round. The whole point of this though, was IF someone dodges, or IF someone leaves early, you should not be negatively affected in competition rankings as the "winning" player in either of these situations. Points should be awarded to you for an empty arena ( a dodge) and full points should be award to you for a leave since you and they both knew how the outcome would come.
  11. Arena Dodging

    Is this bugging anyone else? They should at least give us 1 competition point for a dodge!