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  1. @Kibbelzminion rank promotion box S we are all waiting for you did not fulfill what promises not ashamed of company?
  2. amateur and two noobs following me and spending skill
  3. @MechEagIe-DN analyzes whether templar and vandal and hack or not?
  4. @MechEagIe-DNdo you think of a templar and Vandal following me on hide 2?
  5. everyone dreams of seeking their final transformation, that is nothing but fair ... because we went through several and several events if that happens it would be really good.
  6. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime this server is private? because every week bug the same thing and there are only bad events .... in my opinion a private server is much better than this one.
  7. @Kibbelz wanted pretty good decent event for a change... @Loki
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