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  1. @Kibbelz@Loki Can we just have event that give prime runestones, dazzling gemstones and paralyzing weapon? This will fix the WB problem. I like the shugo board game.
  2. Come on, let's be real, it will make 20 people with their alt army happy.
  3. so many cry babies, lol. too bad some people got the event item for free, at the end of the day when they put the npc back you can grind and buy it; the key is still free in BCM as far as i am aware. life is not fair, too bad . There's this saying " You have to be aware of the opportunities around you and take advantage of it" i.e: expecting NCFAIL to fail every single event and take advantage of it. xD. there's always next time, :). toodles.
  4. I completely agree with you OP. The game is overran with hackers, botters and alt armies. Nothing in the game is worth grinding for, it is like you don't even need to play the game anymore. Enchantment stones? luna/event coins on alts; kinah? luna on alts. It is just a shyt system. Grinding (harder way) for said items will take you much longer than someone with an alt army or is a cheater. I was doing the quest on dreamland to pick up those dolls and stuff and everytime I want to loot, some alt named Milk1, Milk2, Milk3, Afk1, Afk2, Afk3, Name1, Name2, Name 3 beats me to it. What a joke..
  5. Just a thought, can we community fund and say if everyone of us throw in 5 bucks per month and give that to the creator of the bot/hack tool for him to stop it.
  6. so aion is work for you? then i have nothing else to say.
  7. so you guys only go to aod because of the reward? make sense
  8. Outside BCM, abyssal and lugbug weekly reward there are no other realistic way to get legendary transformation. The contract that drops from PvE and some quests and whatnot gives you a normal transformation 99.9999999% of the time. So that leaves you with 1-2 legendary a month if that. Then when you are about to combine, all those hard work just goes poof if you arent lucky. Just a shitty design. That leaves you with buying it off from BCM. But even that requires a crazy amount of rng. I spent $4k and got nothing. I am already at verge of charging back and just quit the game.
  9. I spent a decent amount of change; quite a bit actually and I did not get any ultimate nor any apostle transform. Thousands for nothing. Just disgusting. And the thing is, NOTHING will change. A couple major updates from now then these transformation are obsolete, there will be new sought out things that will require RNG carried, deep wallet or an army of alts. Great game, everyone.
  10. @Kibbelz Can you please advocate for us to extend the exp event? The server has gone down for emergency maintenance a couple likes times every week for the last i dont know, month? Some of us, like me, have a very limited play time. Sometimes it happen when I want to play and farm some exp mark. PLEASE PLEASE.
  11. Yeah. If you can survive that long then hats off to you. Most people cant live to tell the tale after 2 rotations if not 1.
  12. NCSOFT needs to add DIMINISHING RETURNS on CC. SORCS are the only class in the game that can text their boyfriends while pvping. YOU POP YO BUFF? OKAY I CC. MY SKILLS ON CD? OKAY I CC. I AM DYING? OKAY I CC.
  13. Hi @Loki, Any word on this red cellar reset not resetting per day? It has been a minute since you said you'l check for us. Just hoping it didn't get swept under the rug :c Thank you.
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