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  1. One my DP skills, not even kidding, took 27 books to go from 10->11
  2. The way contribution works currently is stupid, just p2w that ap rune and do shitty dps on your way to max GP. Every change they make just makes the game worse.
  3. Good thing I play ranged classes, ugh
  4. Another bonehead telling NC when something is actually in our favor for once....
  5. This chocolate event isn't going to move the needle at all...
  6. This isn't any worse than a certain SM que'ing against alts to get number 1 in discipline, and then spending the entire window, every window after that constantly que'ing and not going in to keep other people from actually being able to get a fight to do their disciplines. The game is already dead, but these rubbish people just make it even worse.
  7. They just don't care tbh, they probably post late so there is less complaining about how awful their events are before the maint.
  8. It's not that hard to stack lunas, just do discipline on alts you can make 7K+ luna a month without doing afk lunas
  9. So when are they going to do anything about this? For example Germ aka ignito trading with NangNang to try and steal a top spot from someone actually pvp'ing to earn their rank.
  10. So glad I bought my contract before the NPC went poof, imagine having to farm out the event currency when you have to compete for the quest monsters.
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