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  1. Abyssal splinter instance was a good instance for all deserved players, so why did you need change it? @Kibbelzplease talk to your dev team, what is purpose of changing damage of boss? If before we need take 2 minutes to finish a single run, now we just come in auto attack then wait for whole 5 minutes to finish it. What a boring! Besides, all the botter with ancient levels 76 gear can use the third party to do that. @Kibbelz you and your gm should log in game and look at abyssal entrance both side ely and asmo. You ask yourself do you want we pay money for you to buy transformation coi
  2. 25 extractors not enough for one run GoG in double exp weekend. And we are go this instance for few character not a single one. Your survey solutions is unplayable
  3. During transformation promotion event (Feb 24 to now) I have consumed 14 legendary transformations via transformation combination. With 14 legendary transformation consumed, there is 12 legendary transformation without obtaining an ultimate transformation during the promotion period. So, will I get the both prizes (prime runestone and ultimate transformation contract selection box)?
  4. Can someone help to link location of all mini boss at Gelkmaros and Inggision? And if can please show name and skill of the boss
  5. @Kibbelz how about make garden of growth is permanent and 1 luna material bundle cost at 230 event coin?
  6. As the title, the page for submit a ticket and my ticket are not available. It show: HTTP 상태 404 – 찾을 수 없음
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