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  1. 24 h - that's all we have... in normal day I will sacrifice about 3 h to Aion Gods: I must do mandatory AFK Luna's, SAS's, xp LUT, MV and, and, and... my time is almost over... wt*!!! Nobody even seen me on the OW map or group instances! But I want actually to PLAY THE GAME! When???
  2. Why multi account and alt army thing is tolerated?? It's so stupid and harms players and game company... so why is it still here?!
  3. @Kibbelz , thanks for re-enabling SAS: it's really important instance for casual players like me
  4. ... but please be careful with full of bugs or "game breaking" events! Those are main reasons to rage quit game or feel totally "left behind" to even start to play!
  5. Hi! I'm trying to create forum account since Oct. 2019 and no luck so far... (ATM using my kids account: they play gameforge version and wanted also to see NC West version) When this bug will be fixed and I can finally create my own account?
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