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  1. Does it mean if i log in to post on forum in a decade, for the purpose to speak up my mind about a thing, that i think will influence the whole game...at least whole patch? Ultimate xform, you pretend that everyone has? 4 Real? People got scammed by NCsoft again and u goin to spend more money to prove yourself that you're the biggest whale of them all..i don't feel pitty, you've made up your mind already and i srsly hope, you'll saturate the NC salary for a month more, so ppl can abuse more things to make your IRL contribution more worthless, does it seems familiar? Yes, the bitter taste you feel Is from hackers/abusers + NCsoft acting like nothing happened. Enjoy till next event;-)
  2. Tell the truth you must @Kibbelz what that serious issue was. If the rumors true are, compensation you gave shamefull seems you think not? 1) give 1x ultimate xform selectable box OR 2) delete exploited accounts I fear otherwise your customers will be no more. Great imbalance in the Force by mistake of yours you made, mhm. Dark side always hard to see is, fight against we must, if we can, you think not? May the Force be with you.