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  1. People randomly getting banned

    So I was watching my girlfriend play on her cleric and she was farming for shards killing mobs outside of elyos town. And suddenly she was forced to log off with a pop up message from NCSoft and when she tried to log in again it said "your account is banned due to suspicious activities". First, her cleric isn't a bot. Her name is Fae on DN server, with elyos 4 star rank, a mansion in ingission, and her minion doesn't have auto loot. And she's been farming for literally less than 20min. Second, I was watching her play sitting right next to her. Aion team, do you not even investigate the situation or at least check the background of the subject before banning someone? @CyanI think she deserves an explanation please, thanks.
  2. People randomly getting banned

    These just look like pre-written replies copy pasted from a word document lol.
  3. People randomly getting banned

    Follow up on the case, it turned out the reason behind the ban iss 3rd party software and Botting, which doesn't even apply to her. There's no shugo console, no rain meter, no VPN, the laptop literally only has aion installed besides Microsoft office and chrome. First time the block, second time would be the permanent ban. Should all players be worried about getting banned for active grinding? Should we all worry about losing years of grind for no reason? We have replied to the support team about the issue. If anyone has been in a similar situation you're welcomed to follow on this post and I will post screenshots of their future replies once I receive them.
  4. TEMPLAR Help me !

    There's no rotation, your choice of skills should depend on what your opponent does. Simply put, wait for your opponent to run out of protective skill/buffs while trying to waste their remove shock. Once you're sure they don't have enough protection you pop your damage buffs and either pull him or charge to him and try to knock down him and switch to greatsword, use breakpower and full DPS. That's pretty much the core strategy behind every fight, but depending on your opponent's class, build and gear you might use different utility skills to kite/root/block/reflect etc.
  5. So fellow templars...

    What's your favorite linked stigma? I've been testing shield of vengeance for the past week and it really has the potential to turn the tide due to its ability to reflect sleep, fear, drillbore and every other attack skill and damage that you can imagine, only usable in PvP. (Yes sms it reflects fear so don't say people hack because you get feared by a templar lol) But it's long cd really requires you to time it properly and predict which skill your opponent is going to use next. Invigorating strike on the other hand has short cd but the HP restore amount seems lame... And we have eternal denial, which everyone is familiar with. So, thoughts on link stigma in open world/1v1/zerg?
  6. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Guess they made aethertechs wear plate to balance out the new class? Magic plate <-> physical cloth
  7. AT Skill rotation?

    Chilling wave/cinder cannon gatling gun > sundering blade > bludgeon > battery > electric shock > lightning tether > aetherlock blade > idium strike > rocket punch chain Pretty much every aethertech does this
  8. Aion 7.0 - Cleric and Chanter Skills rebalance

    looool splendor becomes the new healing wind -o-
  9. Title tells all. Please make celestial guardian and the awaken celestial guardian gear (aka heavenly armor/ weapon) skinnable on other items.
  10. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Guide for NCSoft on how to lose more players 1) keep the enchantment rate unchanged 2) Make players +15 their enchantment stones before using them on gears 3) any failed enchantment will result in the item dropping to +0 4) chance to break the gear during gear promotion 5) add "super crazy lucky enchantment bundle" on webshop for $10, with 99.9999% chance to give one ancient stone Sincerely
  11. About 6.2 Enchanting - Why you should be worried

    Do you not see the point here my friend lets just assume theres no ancient stone in the game, and you get legendary stones from the weeklies same exchange rate to buy legendary stones as the ancient ones, which is 50 genesis crystals for 5 to 10 stones and you use 170 to +15 something that's lower than the grade of your stone that really looks normal
  12. About 6.2 Enchanting - Why you should be worried

    yup 200 to +10 170 to +15
  13. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Yep trying to +15 some ancient gear is as hard as +25'ing something in 5.8 does that look fair to anyone
  14. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Enchantment rate = horrible and they are doing this for absolutely no reason other than making the game unplayable. For PVE, NCsoft sells pve enchantment stones on their cashshop to make money so I guess lowering the success rate will make people pay more to buy stones.($$$$$$$) It's horrible and it's p2w but at least they have a reason of doing this. But on the other hand for pvp they are just messing around. They aren't making money from pvp stones yet they let you waste weeks of grind.
  15. NCWEST Please take this post seriously

    The truth has been spoken, enchantment stones are way too hard to get and their success rate is way too low
  16. So currently in Aion idle stances are class and gender locked: like if you are a templar then your default idle motion is locked and if you want a different idle motion you have to choose a different class. So it would get tricky if a person loves his class but hates the default idle motion of that class. Although there are idle motions available such as the hovering set and the dragon's set, sometimes people just want the idle stance of another class (like for a templar to use the songweaver idle, or a gunslinger to use cleric idle). I highly suggest that Aion should give players the option to choose among default idle motions so that those motions are not class locked anymore. It can be achieved by putting default motions on black cloud market or simply making the idle motions selectable under the "motions" window. Either way it would make Aion more customizable. So I posted this a few months ago but I think it's good time to post it again and see if they would actually make this work.
  17. Lol well done aion team i really didnt expect the problem to be fixed when i submitted the ticket, good job this time
  18. Maybe its just my personal opinion but the AT/gunner idle for female looks pretty stupid. i guess it shouldn't be hard to make class default idle stances available for all classes so for example a gladiator can use songweaver idle motion.