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  1. There are 2 prestige quests (for Prestige Pass members) in my log given by Shugorobo are to complete one of 2 dungeons. One dungeon can be completed once a day, the other once a week. These dungeons reward crafting mats or keys to open a special reward chest and a whole lot of experience. You do not play your class in the prestige dungeons but a bolt-on generic set of abilities in each dungeon. The Shugorobo dungeon quests give so much xp that you could probably get to level 80 in a week or less. There are open world quests and some open-world dungeons (the entrance is out in the game wor
  2. I have encountered two serious issues on Katalam but not on Danaria: NPCs(Quest) not responding for several hours every monday. No Daeva ceremony for any of the characters I have ascended on Katalam. These issues do not occcur on Danaria. Any ETA on a fix for these issues?
  3. I remember being able to pick up my first prestige quest on Katalam at level 1. I may be wrong about that. I have opened a ticket about this issue.
  4. I am a prestige member on Dariana but I cannot pick up prestige quests on Dariana. I am a prestige member on Katalam and I can pick up prestige quests on Katalam.
  5. How do I get the 400 pve attack buff? Ok so I have to get a prestige pass for each server?
  6. I am not seeing the "pink" Luna quest icons over the heads of the Luna NPCs on Danaria. I am seeing them on Katalam. Are the Luna quests part of the Prestige Pass?
  7. I can access Prestige Pass benefits on Katalam but not on Dariana. Do I have to pay for Prestige Pass on each server?
  8. I bought 30 days of prestige when I was on Katalam. However, I do not seem to have the benefits on Dariana?
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/aion/ Join us!
  10. The Aion 64-bit client is now selected and run automatically, at least on windows s10 x64. There is no need to perform any of the steps above.
  11. I saw at least 10 new asmodian characters in the starting area on Dariana who could not continue playing their new characters. Please fix this issue NCSoft.
  12. This issue does not appear to be happening on the Danaria server.
  13. This is happening in other areas too. I can talk some quest NPCS but I am unable to pick up new quests.
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