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    Please delete.
  2. There are 2 prestige quests (for Prestige Pass members) in my log given by Shugorobo are to complete one of 2 dungeons. One dungeon can be completed once a day, the other once a week. These dungeons reward crafting mats or keys to open a special reward chest and a whole lot of experience. You do not play your class in the prestige dungeons but a bolt-on generic set of abilities in each dungeon. The Shugorobo dungeon quests give so much xp that you could probably get to level 80 in a week or less. There are open world quests and some open-world dungeons (the entrance is out in the game world, ie. Heiron), including prestige quests that reward, experience, Kinah and Acorns. I am not sure whether the same quests or rewards are available to non-prestige pass players. I have been doing mostly open world quests and collecting Acorns, prestige and Kinah. Which character progression path is more optimal?
  3. Katalam Issues

    I have encountered two serious issues on Katalam but not on Danaria: NPCs(Quest) not responding for several hours every monday. No Daeva ceremony for any of the characters I have ascended on Katalam. These issues do not occcur on Danaria. Any ETA on a fix for these issues?
  4. This happened again recently. Is this ever going to be fixed?
  5. Is Prestige by Server?

    I remember being able to pick up my first prestige quest on Katalam at level 1. I may be wrong about that. I have opened a ticket about this issue.
  6. Is Prestige by Server?

    I am a prestige member on Dariana but I cannot pick up prestige quests on Dariana. I am a prestige member on Katalam and I can pick up prestige quests on Katalam.
  7. Is Prestige by Server?

    How do I get the 400 pve attack buff? Ok so I have to get a prestige pass for each server?
  8. Is Prestige by Server?

    I am not seeing the "pink" Luna quest icons over the heads of the Luna NPCs on Danaria. I am seeing them on Katalam. Are the Luna quests part of the Prestige Pass?
  9. Is Prestige by Server?

    I can access Prestige Pass benefits on Katalam but not on Dariana. Do I have to pay for Prestige Pass on each server?
  10. Is Prestige by Server?

    I bought 30 days of prestige when I was on Katalam. However, I do not seem to have the benefits on Dariana?
  11. Aion Subreddit

    https://www.reddit.com/r/aion/ Join us!
  12. Enable 64 bit client

    The Aion 64-bit client is now selected and run automatically, at least on windows s10 x64. There is no need to perform any of the steps above.
  13. Katalam-Azmodian Starting Area Quest NPC Issue

    I saw at least 10 new asmodian characters in the starting area on Dariana who could not continue playing their new characters. Please fix this issue NCSoft.
  14. Katalam-Azmodian Starting Area Quest NPC Issue

    This issue does not appear to be happening on the Danaria server.
  15. Katalam-Azmodian Starting Area Quest NPC Issue

    This is happening in other areas too. I can talk some quest NPCS but I am unable to pick up new quests.