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  1. The same for me, I did the same thing and it worked.
  2. First: They should be more transparent with the fusion rates of the minions and not only that, but also other things, equipment, transformations, drop, stigma enchant, and others. This greatly influences the decisions to be made. Second: Have where to drop the crystals to level up the rank B minions. I have about 40 rank B minions but I don't have stones to level up them.
  3. Does anyone know if this compensation is only for purchased legendary transformations or is it to be acquired anyway?
  4. You will see that this initiator has an anti-cheat and will end vanilla =] Or not lol
  5. Probably coincidence... my reaction to the new launcher.... what is that for?
  6. it's really funny in the tons of doubts that this post has generated ... and no one to answer them. transparency he said. communication he said. hurt.
  7. @Kibbelz Thanks for feedback. Did you know if the XP event will also return?
  8. Saldations, what happens if I try to improve my + 9 or +12 stigma with another stigma and it fails? Remembering that at +9 and +12 there is a save point Thx
  9. you can put the client to open directly after login, without having to click "Play" in the laucher settings
  10. For real? one more bug In this case it is better not to have prestige lol the prestige does not increase the number of entries in Lower Udas, and because of it I can only do it 3x a week, before it was 9x.
  11. greetings when i did any temple without prestige i managed to do it three times a week, the instance simply reset after 1 day and 20 hours. But now with prestige it will only reset with a week, bug? @Loki
  12. Thanks for answering. But I would like to know from Loki if NCsoft is still investigating this. Or is this just in the game without use for 'em.
  13. loooooool I can’t believe my eyes. Really?
  14. @Loki Does it still work? does anyone look? NCsoft still investigates this? ... if I report a bot this way what happens?
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