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  1. $10 a month would have been a solid plan. Anything over that for a 12 year old game is pushing it. I may do the 30 day plan here and there but it won't be monthly. I do enjoy the game.
  2. Then - a potato AMD Opteron 170 1GB DDR2 Two 8600GT's Don't remember the HDD Now- Ryzen 2700x 32GB DDR4 3600 1TB M.2. OS drive 4TB HDD Storage RX580 Red Devil Gold
  3. NCsoft being NCsoft. This is why I didn't spend any real money on the game.
  4. NC Soft only uses the best band aid brands.
  5. I quit just after 4.6, I came back about 8 months ago. I have an Ultimate transform,S grade minion. My full set of Sovereign gear +weapon w/Bitterthorn combine and all +15, most of my Bitterthorn including weapon is +15. All my stigs are +10 or higher with 3 being advanced. I have not spent more than $40 BCM. It took a lot of time and grinding to get it all. It can be done, but it's gonna take some time. This game is not for casual players unless you want to spend a lot of real money on the BCM and Kinah sellers.
  6. Want NCW NCsoft to pay attention? Stop purchasing their products.
  7. We are kicking a dead horse at this point. If NCwest/NCsoft had any interest in making it a better gaming experience, they would have by now. If Aion Classic comes out, I may play that. I think my time on retail is coming to an end.
  8. I got an Ultimate enchantment stone............just one. Can't beat people botting/scripting/hacking...etc I did learn a valuable lesson. You have become a toxic player to get anything done in Aion. THANKS NCSoft for the toxic environment!👍
  9. A lot of the people I normally group with have stopped going to Timeless. A few have stopped playing Aion all together out of frustration. I'm getting pretty close to that point myself.... not that complaining is going to do any good. BUT to be honest. I have 3 pieces of Bitter Armor and 3 weapons my first week in there. I was ridiculously lucky and that's the problem. I watch people put in a TON of time in there and get nothing for their effort. It's not fun anymore, just feels like a job.
  10. If we get Classic, I'm uninstalling the current retail version. I went to Timeless today for about an hour and a half.... 12 people including me. That included the opposite faction.
  11. Still can't log in even after Aion Ops said it was fixed
  12. I can't disagree with any of the reviews here. Aion needs to be bought buy another company that knows how online games should be ran. NC Soft turns every game it touches into rubbish. They took a amazing MMO and made it into a terrible cash grab. I have zero faith in NC Soft.
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