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  1. Oh thank you for explaining things to me! Would you happen to have any advice on what faction/server i should join on NA?
  2. Uh what are stigma nukes if I could ask? Also what makes ranger and gunslinger different from each other?
  3. Uh I was trying to look around on youtube to get a better idea of the classes but there wasn't really much there to help me see the differences between the classes. I was wondering what abou tthe sorcerer, ranger, and gunslinger make them different and unique? Like what role/niche do they fill to make them different from each other? From what i saw so far they all just look like ranged dps classes with just different visuals, and the videos didint really touch on mechanics and roles. sorry if it's a dumb noob question, but I'm looking for a new pvp mmo to play and tend to play ranged/kitey dps
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