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  1. Hello I made a Ranger kind of slow to level for me and made a templar but heard after lvl 20 their dps goes down for solo content. I mostly want to do pvp and pve content In level pretty solid I want some thing that can handle 2 level above current level and be able to solo Regalur quest I should not have to die every time I kill a mob and walk a mile back to corps if some one wants to make a toon with me in get them to level 20 so we can start doing group stuff like dungeons and pvp I'm thinking Mage SM or sorce my be a priest that can heal Link me in-game name if you want to
  2. I only have 2 attack skills at my level 13 My temp has two and 1 chain at lvl 10?
  3. I have enter all information currectly in it shows a red line around the CVV number its a credit one card
  4. Thanks ill try i do got a 74 assassin on my other account i can easly get to 80
  5. Hey major major problem for my Rouge With to swords I had the 14 day trail weap log out in forgot to get a new one How do i get one with no weapon or armor equip LOL Wops
  6. I log onto Aion and seen no one then i saw Aion classic did every one go to classic if so whats a good class to play that has cool looking armor I remember the templer back in 2012 armor u crafted was cool looking At level 34 ish Also I'm thinking of killing time for my other game new season to be live. My fav class on aion was Warrior-Gunner- And Ranger and rogue
  7. Hey every one I level my first 80 ranger but I was asking what class i should lvl next got a 41 temp too but I Want some thing that can stay alive in easy play style with Cool looking armor
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