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  1. i see that edit. you surely mean it "Luna bot to win daeva books"
  2. Few things to be mentioned, how much weeks of halloween event? Am i will be able to get pumpkins for finish all 3 questies?
  3. Yes, play songweaver and watch people kill you before you cast ur freestyle or aetherhold. Play melee class and watch ur self failing so hard in chase or running away Being stuck into 45% Cast or Movespeed form , real fun playing this game ^^
  4. Haha , why would nc have all that work for make a rollback and get things messed up possibly? We still have npc bug for months. And this transformation not even real money required. Get a better pc
  5. This guy got so salt cuz his wooden pc probly not load game in time so he able to get the transformation. Why roll back for a free item anyways? Basically you the only one that even created a forum topic asking to rollback, dont be so jealous, its easy farm event, no reason to rollback. i didn't got it. but whatever, ill just farm.
  6. You're probly an idiot. that was all made to attract people for make them spent in game. now we back to normality
  7. You guys are stupid by still trying talk with NCsoft. The pratical thing to do that can result or end of game or nc really doing something is stop to spent any ingame and dont log for a time.
  8. Its already also terrible you need Sod/Wow to cap stats, with sheba your cast not even reach 0.6
  9. Should spent 50USD on a hooker and get an ok orgasm, more satisfying than giving 2USD to nc
  10. This topic should never be opened. Got asked feeback and community gave feedbacks, what happened? We got p2w events. Since 7.5 release all events are p2w, stop giving hopes to people something will change when its clearly isnt going change anything.
  11. Everyone complaining about rates and still an idiot need spent 1.5k usd to understand not worth spent money w/o having knowledge if u get shits nc doesnt care WOW
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