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  1. @Kibbelz why is there no answer about Pixel conctracts from npc that ppl got for 0 Honey Songpyeon but? Imean its fair for rest of us ..and btw thrre is video on youtube showing the bugg...So get yo shit together
  2. Contract is 20$ NOT the free key...Ppl got FREE contract from bugged NPC that is 20$ in the shop AND ppl got it for FREE and NC removed NPC because of that...NOW does your peanut brain undrstand?
  3. You got the answer bugged npc>free transformation (20$ in BCM). NPC removed no word from NC will reest of ppl get iyem for free oooor will we get nothing
  4. Paenut brain i see.. It means some ppl got transformation thats 20$ for free FROM bugged npc I mean its clear as a sunny day idk how you do not undrstand that
  5. Event npc was bugged. You could buy legendary transformation for free... Some ppl abused that and got free transformation... NC removed the npc but after that no word from them if rest of ppl will get one free or will they do a rollback
  6. Seems like they do not care...They had hours to respond...
  7. They removed NPC that got bugged and gave THOSE contracys for free...Do you get it now?
  8. Thats what i am talking about but it seems ppl that got it for free do not want rollback
  9. What does my PC have to do with NPC bugg? LOL
  10. its their nyerkup so give free to ppl or do a rollback..They did rollbacks for even more uslees crap
  11. logg more alts pls And btw why would some ppl get it for free and the rest need to farm for it? Not fair GIVE the rest for free o tollback
  12. then give the rest ppl free contract...No problem then
  13. how is a rollback being jealous? Some ppl got ot for free where the rest of us got nothing
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