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  1. My transfer request was open. They did told me it was posible. This morning they closed that request and when I ask to finish the transfer they told me "nope, rules changed". Even though when I started the request and asked the transfer the rules allowed me to do that, and they even confirmed that. Even though on my account I NEVER transfered the egg before. Not only they are being unethical, they are not even paying attention to the circumstances. @Kibbelz
  2. This is a ticket I submitted on 04/01/2021 #23685844 Me: "Hello, I would like to know if I could use one of my restoration tokens to transfer item "Loyal Stormwing orb" from character XXX to character XXX, within the same account. Thanks in advance." GM Izko: "Hello, thank you for contacting Aion Support. After reviewing your request, we have verified that we can transfer the [Event] Loyal Stormwing Orb to your character "Gigaboy". Please note that this will consume 1 Restoration Token on your account. Should you choose to proceed, you will only have 0 Restoration Token left afterwards.
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