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  1. I'm wondering what's going on with the support team, it's been 2 days since I opened one ticket because I had a bug that left me unable to transfer my alt from danariaSV to katalamSV and I did not receive any response or help ! been trying to transfer my alt for two weeks but no one cares me in this problem. Now the mainteans happened and I'm still at Danaria. unbelievable ... Please answer me and solve this problem! Thank you
  2. Support team does not respond to tickets

    Thanks for the tip
  3. Support team does not respond to tickets

    The problem is that I will spend another weekend where I will not participate in Katalam activities. Many people have been angry with me thinking that I am just wasting they time. This month I have already lost a lot of money and time, and we continue on this . It's no logic not to let chars pass because they have houses, it means that if no one buys me I will never be able to transfer my char. No logic arrond here. I'm biding their response.
  4. Support team does not respond to tickets

    neighborhood ?
  5. Support team does not respond to tickets

    I repeat; asked the GM what could have happened and he said that I had already sold the house on 12.02 and i was already free to buy the alt transfer. No.11 Elyos Faction