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  1. Please tell me what genius decided to nerf the Dux HP, but then not nerf the dredge commander's HP or damage output. Like it would be funny at this point if it wasn't so sad. How hard is it to simply revert the HP values to pre 1.5 levels for the entire abyss. That is completely doable and is the easiest response. Its just sad at this point.
  2. By Siels Eastern u surely meant literally any of the upper forts that are impossible to capture and have been for nearly two months now right?
  3. The problem with adding DP Reset scrolls to the market is that DP still has the entry requirement of balaur scales. So if you plan to run more than once in a day you need 5 + (20 * x number of runs) because the quest in core is a daily. So now, you have situation where blue balaur scales are already selling for 400k instead of the 90k they were yesterday. Like i understand what the thought was, but this is not an ideal solution with the lack of players, and lack of alternative content to run so now everyone is forced to farm scales or burn tons of kinah (particularly for those who wanted
  4. inb4 community manager goes "ill pass it along to the team" and nothing happens for two months.
  5. Like all that had to be done was revert the numbers back to the original the numbers are so atmospherically high that its impossible to take given the status of NA. You could combine both servers stick them on the same faction and STILL not kill dux before u ran out of time.
  6. I like how ncsoft legit lowers droprates in theo, anuhart armor isnt able to be ded so now we have rising enchantment stone prices, very little world drops to even de into any stones coupled with new gear that needs enchantment and manastones with few farming areas. Then the piece of resistance is NCSoft legit turns forts into a lottery where its a do u get dredged or not type of deal and if u do good luck. Then the only thing they can say is they are monitoring it. Like theres nothing to monitor if u cant kill the dredge commanders its broken fairly simple. I have no idea wat there is t
  7. Another month for a patch that everyone wanted a month ago, and another pointless event that no one managed to complete due to the boss having an absurd amount of HP. Additionally the new daeva pass is disappointing as well lol atleast the exp buff is still around.
  8. First event for a flight buff that worked once and never again, and now an event where the boss physically too much HP to kill even with some assistance from guards sad.
  9. Reading this as someone who just came back recently from right at the launch of 5.0 this is kind of hilarious lol. Auto Hunting isn't what's stopping people from playing together. What's stopping them is meaningful group content. Siege's are better off going alone I never see the league functionality used like it was back in the day. There seem to be virtually no instances outside of SL/ESO/PF/IDD run in a loop and those require no more than 6 people. It's not like the days where you needed 12 people to go run IS and they had to be somewhat coorindated. Keeping auto-hunt out of the game
  10. It would take around 8 hours and 20 minutes to kill the 1500 mobs in a day if you killed one mob every 20 seconds and you did this continuously without stopping. Assuming spawn rates actually make this possible
  11. I played this game for a while since beta up until the launch of 5.0 and then I quit. I have had multiple accounts, I have run legions, been through all the server mergers, and as a returning player, I have to say. The experience is terrible. Quite honestly its a mix of the community and a series of bad decisions from a development standpoint. The game has clearly been on a decline since I last played and as a bandaid solution the developers have accelerated the leveling process. I managed to get from 66 to 80 in less than a day and now, I am thrust into a game that quite honestly wants nothin
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