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  1. it's like they can't imagine going to work and have a 1% chance of getting pay that day, yes you work for 8 hours, but RNG decide you will not get pay today.
  2. wow thank you so much for this. I always thought those boxes were 1 contract each so never bother. Do you know how much mats is required to craft?
  3. we are in an abusive relationship, keep hoping things will be better, but it's the same faith lost every single time. Can't quit cause you just keep hoping...Loki and Kibbelz might not have the power to made the decision, but I am sure you have the power to affect the decision, yet you do nothing, you enabled this.
  4. this is a messed up event right from the beginning... screw this solo loot, not just class, but gear heavily dependent to out dps
  5. most of these complains about p2w can be resolve by removing the RNG or increase it significantly. It really break your spirit when you spent months of hard work (playing a game = work) only to failed and all your resources destroyed. It makes the game less enjoyable. All these endgame features (skills, s minions..) are only attainable through p2w. We are playing a party of 6 full Sov + katalam accessories and get rolled by a single ulti transform cleric and it really affect your ability to enjoy the game
  6. you hit all the points my friend. It's now more like a chore, you must do this and this and this. Part of the game, so you obliged, ok i will do it. What break your spirit is after months of hard work, RNG god come and say "Screw you".
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