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  1. My two cents

    Great post Seiss! I'm all onboard with what you said. Maybe the community of the game can lift the game up with good feedback and positivity.
  2. Response to Producer's Letter

    Omitting the auto hunt system was the right move. The problem with the game community is within the players. Players that run pass a dungeon without waiting for the rest of the group or dismissing a new player that gets lost. Players that don't bother to be polite in game, don't bother helping others with questions and only complain about how the are not getting what they want, when they want. Luckily not everyone is like that and there are some great people I encountered in game. I hope you guys realize that this game is free. You don't have to buy anything from the BC store. Giving the producers a hard time will not fix your frustrations. Take it easy and enjoy the game content, otherwise why are you playing it? This is for everyone including me.
  3. Well, they are the official server, I don't know what you mean... I can't understand why people complain so much.. this is an amazing free game with a sh*t tons of content to explore... get over yourselves
  4. Newbie question about Chanter skills

    very nice topic! Thanks guys