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  1. I wasn't on yesterday. I contacted support but no response. Seems to of gotten better now, but this morning and early afternoon (Server time) it was just nonestop DCing while in there but fine anywhere else.
  2. I can't even be in the eye for more then a few minutes before the game Disconnects me. Only happens in Tia eye.
  3. Well no longer getting randomly kicked from the eye...but now I get DC'd from the game every-time I'm in the eye for more then a minute or so.... this is very frustrating! I want to play! >.< Please fix this @Loki @Kibbelz
  4. I keep getting disconnected from the game while in the Eye. Happens every few minutes. Very frustrating. Outside of the Eye my connection is fine, but as soon as I set foot in there it's like i'm on a time limit.
  5. Did I miss this or something? I could of sworn they said we were getting 400% xp since Luna was going to be down, but instead we still just have the 200%... Am I going crazy or what?
  6. There are a ton of ways to get money from the players, but it's hard for them to have or keep players that might one day spend money on their game is the basic core mechanic of their game is so flawed that over the years it's been the #1 thing complained about. (RNG)
  7. Exactly! The time and effort just to get the gear/item, then the even more time and effort to farm whatever it is needed to attempt to enchant the item then the fail rate... it's beyond overwhelming and frustrating. I get it, some items, like the Paragon set, are suppose to be nearly impossible to get because they grant God-like stats... but basically everything else is the standard for even playing the game, so it shouldn't be so difficult to obtain and enchant! I seriously challenge @Loki @Kibbelz or anyone from the NCwest staff to create a new blank character and start from scratch and
  8. Seriously NCsoft... WHY? Armor enchanting, stig enchanting, refining stones, deava skills, combining Minions, combining Xforms.... It still feels impossible to get anything maxed out even for hardcore players. With how little motivation your player base has right now to even play, you should finally be changing these stupid rates! It has to be one of the biggest repeat complaints from the player base for years, so why not change it?
  9. Just wanted to say Christmas should be a fun and festive time of the year, a time when players come together to share in fat loot and have fun...instead NCsoft threw a knife at our feet and said, "Last one alive wins everything!" These events are brutally tearing apart the faction and legions. Not a single night has gone by since the events started that a fight hasn't broken out either in lfg, say chag, legion chat or on the forums about players of the same faction screaming at each other. This is such a mess. Seriously @Loki @Kibbelz you guys can't say, "Happy Holidays, we know your not h
  10. @Loki I want to make sure you read this... Maybe this is something you can pass along to the main Dev team for Aion and see if they'd be interested in somehow making this in-game available. Just think of it, Aion could be (one of?) the first MMOs to have an ingame DPS meter! How cool would that be?
  11. @Kibbelz got another question.... In the past we were always told to make individual tickets for suspected "hackers" so each player could be looked at individually and avoid confusion for the support team, however now support has started merging these tickets together and when they do so they close the tickets so you can't respond. Are we suppose to just make 1 big long list of hackers to report in a single ticket or keep doing them individually? I would ask support but they closed all my tickets after they merged them so I can't reply on them now.
  12. That's one of my biggest beefs with this event. My ping use to be alright before they swapped to AWS but now it's rubbish, as many MANY other players have experienced as well, heck I even know a good handful of players that just stopped playing after they moved servers cause their ping went to hell. Grats on getting your weapons, but I rather it be RNG based then what it is now. Right now it's literally making players in the same faction fight and argue with each other and that's wrong. We should be able to say, "Congrats @Gregg-DN" for getting your weapon, instead people are angry because of
  13. The point of this thread is to see what the NCwest teams take on third party programs that cause animation hacking. Animation hacking is when you use a third party program to send data faster then your client normally would allow resulting in you being able to break the top game speed cast/attack speeds to gain advantage in PVP/PVE over other players. Somehow this topic got twisted and corrupted by @HealingSquid-KT and turned into "everything in this game is hacking." I beg other players to ignore @HealingSquid-KT and not reply to them, they clearly are here to troll or twist the reality o
  14. https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/aion/aion-user-agreement Show me where having alts is against the TOS. Also if your not playing Aion, why are you on the forums, go away troll!
  15. Using a 3rd party system to manipulate the games in-game mechanics and limitations is a bit different than using alts to farm events.... plus one isn't against TOS agreement and the other is. Just saying...but sure, let's let anarchy rule the servers and make hacking acceptable just because you don't have the gear or skill level to put out DPS properly on your own.
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