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  1. We had GameGuard in the past, it stopped the hackers for a few weeks, then they found a way around it... so who knows how long it'll last.
  2. NCsoft is publicly traded and post their quarterly earnings. NA is actually their 2nd largest market after KR. Aion (Last I look last quarter) made up 30% of their total gross revenue. I might have to recheck but last quarter their earnings was almost 5x more then their operational costs.... So Ncsoft def can afford the staff and to invest in anti-cheat programs. Heck KR servers just re-enabled GameGaurd. We also got a hidden little update with 1.5 that protected information from server-side. Sadly the little update we got only stopped the hackers for a few hours before they found a bypass
  3. We've dealt with Goldspammers for years, well over a decade now, and their annoying and do tend to screw up the ingame economy... but now....Well now we're getting spammers via Discords promoting different Hacking programs for Aion Classic and Retail.... With these spams they send direct video links to showcase the hacks. Many of which I have personally seen in game and even recorded players doing prior to my leave from the game. I sent support tickets for players I've caught doing this, but I hear they're still in the game even though it's going on a month+ for several of them.
  4. You made me to and double check! They are listed as Unlisted and not Private, but I swapped them to private then back again to unlisted and resubmitted tickets with new URLs just incase... But yeah, doubtful they'll ever be watched.
  5. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime @Gideon This is just 2 examples of videos I've taken of hackers/exploiters and sent via private link on youtube to support. With using a youtube private link only people with the link are able to view the videos and it lets me know when they've been watched. As you can see neither of these 2 examples have been watched. (There's more but figured i'd keep this list short) I have sent followup tickets to support telling them that I can see they haven't reviewed the videos and I just get this exact copy & Paste response every time: Now granted the 1st
  6. @Loki @Kibbelz This is a very annoying process when farming Quest items or like right now with the event items dropping... Having to click yes over and over and over and over again..... If we're solo farming we shouldn't have to confirm we want to pick up loot...if we are farming with a PAID for loot pet, we shouldn't have to confirm it either! SERIOUSLY REMOVE THIS rubbish FEATURE! +1 on this thread if you agree! "Are you sure you want to acquire it?" "Are you sure you want to acquire it?" "Are you sure you want to acquire it?" "Are you sure you want to acquire i
  7. .... You made an open world grind event to gain the candies to farm for the pets.... You do realize the botters will dominate this event and if those candies are tradeable/sellable/brokerable you just made the RMT issue 1000x worse right? Also, other then the [Event] Jack O' Lantern, the rest of the rewards are pretty crappy. Should of just stuck the [Event] Jack O' Lantern in the Kuna store.
  8. Due to the lack of Boiling Balaur Blood stains I actually have stopped reporting bots by hoarfrost because the rates are horrible. I have a few legion mates that farm DC daily doing full clears of the mobs, they say it's a good run if they see more then 1 blood drop. I also try to farm around the core at least 1 hour a day every weekday but maybe see a blood once a week. I also went into DP to solo farm for about 2 hours, was kinda rough to do, but was doable with patience.... didn't see a single blood drop. Granted my RNG is horrible, but still... these rates are horrible. @Loki is this inte
  9. So one of the biggest complaints I've had personally and other players kept complaining about is that there is no loot pet in Aion Classic....but turns out there is one! It's just NCwest failed to put it in the description. The Pink Griffo Egg from the Quna shop is a loot/buff pet. @Kibbelz why wouldn't you guys have a proper description on this?!?! I would of been buying one every month as loot pets are life/time savers!
  10. Leave a comment on this thread to share your opinion and help others figure out if it's worth it or not. This could also be some useful feedback for @Kibbelz to share with the Dev team
  11. Gotta admit, making the white items non-tradeable is very annoying... Esp in high paced situations like Dredge, you go to loot a mob before getting rushed with PVP and you get stuck on the "This item is not tradeable, are you sure you want to take it?" message has to be one of the biggest annoyances ever
  12. Always hated that quest...back in original I lost track of how many fail attempts I had after 20 or so. With how rare bloods are they should just give the HHM after 3 fails or something.
  13. Rag-DN


    Premake groups to avoid this. If you quick que you have no idea what the intention of other players is that also quick qued. Whats truly toxic is all the animation hackers that are showing up now in dredge... You would think 12+ years of it going on the Aion dev team would know how to detect Para Vanilla tools and stop it by now....
  14. @Kibbelz @Loki Hope you guys are checking the combat logs hardcore for some of the winners of this.... So many Ani-hackers have decided to come back for 1.5... really makes me glad I bought Siel's Aura again.... Pretty sad when players you /inspect are wearing blue low level gear and they rick-roll full end game enchanted players.... Most that have full PVP gear
  15. So it's noon CST right now...Dredge still hasn't popped... so assuming it's going to start at 1pm CST...that means it's 1pm, 9pm, 1am CST... Those times are AWEFUL.... @Kibbelz Can you please PLEASE get us the patch notes and do a survey for the dredge times? Everyone's QQing in LFG about these awful times.
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