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  1. TBH i'm just shocked their even doing that. I rather of had a single reset scroll per day but oh well.
  2. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Did 13 craft attempts all 13 gave me kinah boxes...normally I want kinah...but not for this cost of the mats it takes... at least not half a mil, that's crap. Remove the 20 hour CD please or up the kinah rates! This event is rubbish with the current way it's setup! Seriously do you guys even play Aion? These mats are not easy to get even with the Windeil NPC and using alts to transfer fighting frags.... Should of picked an easier item to get to use for mats not something we NEED to do anything in the game.... I had such great hopes for this event...but you guys Neyrked it up...go figure >.<
  3. @Kibbelz Uhm the recipes that don't have Kinah box greater output all have a 20 hour cd on them after 1 craft...was this intended? If so...that's kind of BS...it will make it almost impossible to even craft up enough Crafting Request for 1 decent box before the event ends....
  4. When are we getting the compensation?
  5. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    These seem like some decent first steps, please don't stop here though and keep going! The only suggestion I have is maybe add a category for New/Returning players. The game is very VERY anti new or returning players at the moment. While changes for new/returning players won't directly effect some of us immediately, it'd be nice to see players coming back or new players joining the game and expanding our community more. Thank you! P.S. @Kibbelz you still are not showing up under the Dev Tracker tab. Please fix this so we can monitor your responses to topics easier. Thank you!
  6. So i've had multiple friends both new and old try to play Aion this patch and they all have the same issue...the game is not scaled properly... For example you can grind from 0 to 80 in about a day but when you hit level 80 you're only sitting on maybe a few million kinah. Not even enough to buy your stigmas, pots, scrolls, shards, transform scrolls, or basic needed things to actually play the game without being completely carried. The Accorn items are so horrible it's not even funny, seriously how is a potion that only heals you for barely over 100 hp/MP suppose to be efficient at all with how big our HP has been scaled? The Riseil gear is also pretty worthless unless it's enchanted up once you hit level 80, but enchant stones are nearly impossible to come by these days and you only seem to get ancient stones from now and then. Plus remember, you have almost NO KINAH, so how are you even suppose to afford enough Bobonerk coins to even do anything when just one bundle of them will cost you 1/5th of your kinah you gained getting to 80. Let's not forget that the mobs no longer drop kinah in the game...and rubbish items NPC for next to nothing..... Broker fee's are unbearable for new players as well.... Seriously, I'm not asking for event here for returning players and new players... the game is just broken for new players and makes them all just feel the only way to even get into the game is to buy an account or buy kinah.... NCwest, fix this please! It's beyond alarming and depressing. You guys should WANT new/returning players, but the way the game is, it def does not feel like this. P.S. I truly challenge you to make a new character without getting help from your main account. See how frustrating and difficult it is.
  7. So I noticed now when your alliance joins a league it says, "Check your Alliance Union status in Start Menu- Community - Force Union Window. The Alliance Union chat is now available. Enter '/u' or '/union' to type your message." None of that is actually doable. I don't know when this message changed but it's very misleading for players. @Loki Can we get a text fix for this? Also there's still "Union Force" quests in the game that only update for groups, not alliance, or league. Very misleading and frustrating when trying to plan to do these. (Such as the gaurd farming quests for in the opposing faction areas)
  8. Just wanted to make a little fun thread where players can put what change over the years they liked/hated the most for their mains. Please remember to put your Class in your reply and the skill name/description and why you love/hate the change. I'll start: My main's a Glad and I probably hate the most that they added a CD timer to swapping between Slaughter and Defense prep because you use to be able toggle back and forth to help train mobs without them resetting easy. Now glads, even though they are still the AOE kings, they can't pull many mobs by themselves to take advantage of their skills. Also not a fan that they nerfed Explosion of Rage, it use to be a 100% undodgeable skill with a guarantee knock down, basically the ultimate cleric killer. I do love that they added more life absorbing qualities though, makes tanking without heals much easier and fun!
  9. Not implementing new siege times yet? These late night sieges really are killing a lot of players motivation and making it extra hard to farm PVP stones...
  10. Farming EXP Mark

    Between trying to farm XP marks and Bobonerk's Gems it's beyond frustrating to farm xp this patch. You're basically stuck waiting on resets every week.
  11. Hidden Mobs

    You think that's bad? Right now there are known players using 3rd party programs to check if the mobs are up on alt SM accounts, if they are the account auto parties to the owner's main character, then auto-summons them to the hidden mob location. It's really sad that for a game that has some of the most bizare RNG when it comes to crafting/enchanting/etc they can't actually make a true RNG spawn times on certain mobs. They always give them set windows of spawn time that are easy to figure out and ruin it for everyone that is late to finding out the spawn times. This game is geared to keep the top 1% geared and rich and screw all new players to the point they feel they have to spend real life money to catch up, but even after spending real life money they realize they can't do it through the BCM so they are forced to go to the black market and buy in-game items or kinah from other players. NCsoft really messed this game up bad and allowed too many people to exploit the flaws in the game.
  12. Images are back!

    That's probably because we're tired of reporting bugs to the NCsoft support team just to be shot back auto response messages saying if we have suggestions to go to the forums... Happens alot when I report bugs and glitches in game. It's like they don't even read our tickets or they just don't care tbh. Support for Aion has been horrible for a while now. I could probably sent you a mile long list of bugs/glitches in the game easily that have never been addressed but I have sent tickets about over the years. It's very clear that this game is poorly maintained to the player base just like all the youtube reviewers say.
  13. I recently upgraded my gaming mouse to a Razer Naga Trinity. My previous gaming mouse just had 2 extra keys that when I used to hot key ingame skills or commands it would come up as "Extra Mouse Key #" but sadly the Naga seems to already have preset keys (#1 through 12 on the keyboard) that can be changed, but only changed to keyboard hotkeys. I was wondering if there is anyway to assign these keys to just be "Extra Mouse Button #.
  14. Thanks for the update @Kibbelz ... is there anyway to fix your profile so when you post you're listed under the Dev Tracker tab? It'll make it easier for us to find your replies and posts on here. Thanks! P.S. Can you make a new forum section just for Game Announcements/Events that maybe only the Dev team can create topics under? I feel like putting everything under "General Discussion" is getting a bit cluttered and looks sloppy. Just an idea.
  15. DN Asmo Abyssal Splinter MIA?

    Wait you could what?