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  1. Well over the years they reduced AP gained/loss from PVP and changed from AP ranking system to GP, which lowered excitement of it. Also we use to have a TON of PvP quests/rewards, now there's basically nothing.
  2. Questions: 1. Is Aion Classic going to include some of the newer improvement of life features such as gear macros/custom chain skills? 2. Are all classes going to available or just the original 4? (Warrior, Scout, Priest, Mage) 3. Since our population might not be as "BOOMING" as it was originally, are NPCs going to sell higher grade pots/foods, if not are the crafting recipes adjusted for lower volume mats? 4. Are their going to be all the different types of shards like before, or just newer version of shards, and will it be like now where shards effect all classes or will be like
  3. Just a little thread to see how the community feels about the Classic Server model of Pay 2 play. For those that don't know, if you don't buy the subscription you only get 1 hour a day to play for free with limited content. (Can't earn Kinah, AP, or Gather) Personally I don't mind paying to play as long as there is NO PAY 2 WIN SHOP/EVENTS. If they do have a BCM for the Classic server, I hope it's just cosmetic or lowbie items only that do not effect endgame content/play. I'll subscribe when it comes out, but the moment they do pay2win shop/event I'm pulling out fast. What does
  4. That'd be weird to start at 1.0 since NA released with 1.5 patch...but it still be cool! Hope they don't progress it too fast or to far to be honest.
  5. @Loki @Kibbelz Any word yet on what patch it will be? *crosses fingers and hopes for 1.5 content*
  6. The starting recipe takes 6 cards....we get 3 free.... What a scam!
  7. This is so true... NCwest really under uses their advertisement budget... If they were smart they'd be sending out emails to all the players they can, old and new, to get the hype up. They also could and should do the bring a friend promo again like they use to have where each account could invite 1 new player for X amount of free NCoin for both of them, they had it limited per account so you couldn't really abuse it. They also could be doing live Twitch Streams to tease us. There's so much they could be doing right now to bring the hype, but instead they just post on their dead social media t
  8. OMFG... I completely forgot and didn't turn in my stuff .... RIP the last few weeks of logging in every single freaking day. >.<
  9. Made a vid for those too lazy to read the notes on the event. Also found a bug with the reset NPC... @Kibbelz you might want to fix that... just saying
  10. Uhm no, after that quote it says, Then lists the equipment that you can extract to obtain it, but not the rewards from making it. unless we're assuming " Instance Dungeon Star bundle" is the same as "[Event] Dungeon Star" then we have a reward list... The layout and notes for these events are always very poorly worded so it's confusing at times.
  11. Uhm... and what are [Event] Instance Dungeon Star bundle item exactly? There's literally no description lol....
  12. Oh and the Demaha map still glitches at the top of every hour, if you are in the zone it will make all Altars appear to be balaur owned on your map.
  13. Made a video of in-game life hacks, some are well known to veteran players, some aren't so well known. Just hoping to help spread the knowledge and make others gameplay more enjoyable and efficient. (Please feel free to subscribe or thumbs up the video if you found it helpful)
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