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  1. NCsoft Logic...LOL

    NCsoft removed and replaced gathering open world mats to makes potions with selling potions at NPC shops and Gold Sand Trader shop. Next Patch, NCsoft returns gatherables and extractors so players can craft those exact same potions while using more valuable resources just to save 3k kinah per potion.... Seriously what kind of logic is this? Who decided this was even a decent idea? LOL
  2. New Event Details?

    Thanks! Glad you're staying on top of it!
  3. New Event Details?

    Maybe I missed it somewhere else but while we wait on the servers to come back up, @Cyan could you tell us any information about the "New event aimed at new and returning users" is? Give us something to read or look forward to for a little bit while we wait.
  4. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    Will this count to returning players that have just been logging in to pay maintenance fees? lol
  5. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    I literally was going to come back after a 5 month break for this new patch...but yeah.... how the hell am I suppose to catch up if they nerf how many enchant stones we can obtain when the enchant rate is crap and most our instances are broken/low que amounts so you never get in to them for more stones.....>.< this is very VERY discouraging to new/returning players.
  6. Are Siege FPS Rates Still Messed Up?

    Well that's a good sign...maybe I'll try the next siege and see how it goes.... btw just a suggestion for NCwest, post siege time schedule plus Que instance times on your webpage maybe? I know we can see it in game, but it would be helpful to have on the webpage for those of us not in game atm.
  7. I stopped playing last fall because after the Lakrum siege rolled out and during siege my PC would lock up when PVP would break out at siege. It was literally like watching a crappy slide show going frame by frame making it impossible to do anything. At times also my game sound would get all messed up. I had played Aion since it came out before then and never had such terrible issues before despite the fact there use to be way more players in attendance, and over the summer I had even upgraded my graphics card and RAM. I talked to a lot of other players and even sitting in siege discord/Ventrilo and tons of other players with much better PC builds all complained about the same exact issue. We tried everything from lowering all our graphics settings to the lowest markers, enabling fixed FPS, and even making sure everyone had all their processor cores unlocked without anything running in the background. Some of us even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I truly loved sieging and not being able to do that anymore to keep and maintain rank was just disheartening. What's even more annoying is after I left Aion I started trying other games and no matter how GPU demanding the other games were I never had such a framerate drop issue. (I literally tried everything, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, GTA5, Monster Hunter World, WOW, DOTA, Diablo 3, Lineage II, Heroes of the Storm, and many many other games). I miss the game and I hope these FPS issues are resolved but if not I'm not going to waste my time coming back.
  8. Yes.. this...this is the type of communication and response we need to keep the game going! Thank you so much for informing us and keeping us in the loop!
  9. Installing Aion

    Just wanted to also add on, I posted this on a few Aion facebook groups, sounds like it's a very common issue new and returning players are having... Kinda completely shocked NCsoft hasn't fixed or addressed this.... How are new/returning players suppose to play if they can't download the game directly from the website? For those with the same issue, someone finally found a link on the NCsoft Support site after some digging: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360509-Installation-Instructions?fbclid=IwAR0dWS0_tWQncl6y9rZWcBYzugAZstBqin_DtoAnmqDgJSu2B4H3wwiN-t0 For the record, you have to do some careful navigating to find this download... New players don't stand a chance. (Also not 100% sure if the download there even works since I'm using that one from a 3rd party site)
  10. Installing Aion

    Update: Legionmate was able to send me a download link for the NCsoft launcher that seems to be working so far, but it was through a 3rd party.... not through NCsofts webpage... So kinda still curious what the GMs have to say about this....
  11. Installing Aion

    That was one of the first things I did, but thanks. Also that shouldn't of mattered on my laptop cause it's never had any games on it before, in fact it's a fresh install of windows 7 on it lol
  12. Installing Aion

    So I was cleaning up my computer and noticed over the years somehow I had 2 different NCsoft folders + 2 Gameforge ones + the 2 PTS servers + the Steam Aion file +NCsoft West folder. Each file was 30+ gigs large... so kinda taking up alot of space, so I decided to uninstall and delete all of them and do a fresh install to make some room (free'd up 300+ gigs of room on my SSD woot!) Went to the Aion main-website and clicked the download "Download Game" in the top left corner and then went to run the AionInstaller.exe. It keeps giving me the error: "WARNING! The NCSOFT Game Launcher is not installed. Please install it and try to repair Aion again. Repair will now exit." Then it closes out. I looked all over the NCsoft webpage but I can't find a link to download the NCsoft launcher. I thought maybe it was just my desktop causing this issue so I went and got one of my laptops that never has had Aion on it before, went to download the game, same thing pops up. So my question is...how do new people install the game and how do I fix this? @Cyan
  13. Lockboxes 6.2?

    So NCsoft doesn't say what the lockbox rewards are anymore? Was tempted to buy a few of the Daily Lockbox Specials this week but if I don't know what the rewards are why would I buy them? Side Note: The Fancy Cabinet Bundle doesn't state how many or what type of drawers they are... Why would we buy something we don't have a description of especially if they might share the same space as already existing ones?
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    Oh I forgot to mention how SMs can strip off your xforms.... Kinah BS... just saying
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    Also how about that NCoin purchases are taking almost a full day to process? We want to spend that moneyz NOW!