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  1. OMFG... I completely forgot and didn't turn in my stuff .... RIP the last few weeks of logging in every single freaking day. >.<
  2. Made a vid for those too lazy to read the notes on the event. Also found a bug with the reset NPC... @Kibbelz you might want to fix that... just saying
  3. Uhm no, after that quote it says, Then lists the equipment that you can extract to obtain it, but not the rewards from making it. unless we're assuming " Instance Dungeon Star bundle" is the same as "[Event] Dungeon Star" then we have a reward list... The layout and notes for these events are always very poorly worded so it's confusing at times.
  4. Uhm... and what are [Event] Instance Dungeon Star bundle item exactly? There's literally no description lol....
  5. Oh and the Demaha map still glitches at the top of every hour, if you are in the zone it will make all Altars appear to be balaur owned on your map.
  6. Made a video of in-game life hacks, some are well known to veteran players, some aren't so well known. Just hoping to help spread the knowledge and make others gameplay more enjoyable and efficient. (Please feel free to subscribe or thumbs up the video if you found it helpful)
  7. Oh also; Why do we still have a 50/50 Quest Cap still?
  8. Hey guys I'm back! (can't keep this Karen from complaining to the manager(s)! ) With the new patch out I been listening and reading the community complaints in-game, via forums, social media, and throughout discords and figured I'd compile a list of the complaints here for our good ol' pals at Ncfai....err West* ! @Loki @Kibbelz @Gideon @Hime Let's see if we can get even a reply from them, shall we? P.S. If you as a player agree with any of these or want to add your 2 cents, please PLEASE comment on the thread. The more attention it gets the likely the staff is to read it or give
  9. FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST! Support emailed and said my account was "locked due to security issues" ... frustrating it took so long to get unlocked but I'm back!
  10. .... Are you trying to cause a riot...cause this is how you cause a riot
  11. The auto hunt feature isn't using my XP extractors event htough i have the "Automatically Extract EXP" enabled, instead it's using the boba coins! Q.Q Also for those still struggling to enable your auto hunt,
  12. Made a video for those of you that are still missing your auto-hunt feature in game.
  13. Also not seeing the auto hunt feature in game, went into options to interface and I see nothing to toggle to see it. I don't want to have to screw around with deleting files in the install folder, and NO PLAYER SHOULD HAVE TO. This is just another failed event.
  14. Just curious if anyone had a link that shows all the S rank minions with their stats/skills. Tried looking but all I can find is the EU versions with different names and I want to make sure I don't choose the wrong one.
  15. I wasn't on yesterday. I contacted support but no response. Seems to of gotten better now, but this morning and early afternoon (Server time) it was just nonestop DCing while in there but fine anywhere else.
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