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  1. Appreciate the effort here...but realistically helpful things for 1.5 will be major fireproof scrolls and lodas amulets....anything else is kinda blah unless they are Major Recovery Serums/Pots.
  2. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but the GM Flight buff was broken since day 1 but as of yesterday they replaced the NPC with a Run speed buffer NPC.... Did NCwest think we'd forget or not notice?
  3. @Kibbelz I hate to keep beating a dead horse...but are you guys ever going to address the broken GM Flight buff? Siel Asmo side only had it working on day 1, other factions/servers it seemed hit or miss on it day by day.... It really gave players of the other faction where the buff was working an unfair advantage. There's been several posts made about it but not a single one ever got a reply from the NCsoft team. Tickets to support about it just got automated responses saying things along the lines of, "It's working as intended" or "For more assistance try looking on the official Aion Forums".
  4. Yo @Kibbelz there's a problem with this... You guys don't clarify what server time is.... You've moved around so much I don't even know anymore and the ingame /time command only shows game time and your local time zone...... PS you never addressed the fact that the GM Wing buff was broken since day 1 of that event.... can we expect these events not to work past day 1 as well?
  5. Cash Grab 101, sell Pre-sale Siel's Aura to players that lasts 90 days.... Don't release any new content or new patch until day 91 or release... GG
  6. @Kibbelz @Loki .... Still broken btw. Really would be great if we could get some confirmation you guys at least know it's broken, we know you're busy but come on!
  7. THANK YOU NCWEST! Oh wow... didn't expect to say that anytime soon! This is a great first step to restoring customer faith in the company and game! I hope you guys got the Officer/General Kill traders with this first wave as well! We truly appreciate you communicating this information to the playerbase and letting us know you are aware of the situation and took action. This is how it should always be! Next can you address the broken GM Flight buff? It was broken since day 1 of the event. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! This is far better then saying nothing! Also... the flight buff event has not worked since day 1 of it for Siel Asmos. Are you going to extend it (After fixing it) or compensate players for this?
  9. Best you can do is stop giving NCsoft your money. They already have seen a 19% drop in revenue in Aion from last quarter. A huge drop that neither they or their investors expected. Stop giving them money for siel's aura, deava pass, and skins. HURT THEIR WALLETS UNTIL WE SEE RESULTS! There are more legit players then exploiters/hackers and I guarantee we are the majority and create more revenue for NCsoft then the hackers that already getting bored and selling off their accounts all over the web. I also recomend logging in less. I myself basically log in, do my dailies, log out. I might e
  10. Literally ran with a player running animation hacks this morning in Azo Fortress. Called them out on it in group, loaded up dps meter to confirm it. The player didn't even try to hide or deny it, they said they do it cause its fun and that NCsoft has never and will never ban them for doing it. These criminals really feel like the NCwest staff doesn't care and that mentality is spreading creating more hackers/exploiters.
  11. It's sad that a game with a parent company worth over $1billion can't police it's community even though it's own customers are feeding them all the information they need to do so, yet private servers ran by part time minimal help, sometimes even by just 1 individual, are able to police their servers that have a greater population than Retail....
  12. This is getting ridiculous! I mean let's be real, there are only 5 Asmodians officers. Of those 5 only 3 existed when this post was made... IT'S NOT HARD TO FIGURE OUT WHO IT IS!
  13. It does not matter how many screen shots we post or videos we send in. If something actually affects players they will not fix it. Unless there's an easier way within the game mechanics to do a raid or boss, then NCwest is all about patching that asap....
  14. It might not be in the game yet or maybe I'm just not remembering right, but can we assign the use of Left/Right Accessories For example: /use right Archon Squad Leader's Aquamarine Ring /use left Archon Squad Leader's Aquamarine Ring But doesn't work. I tried deleting the space between "use" and "right" but that didn't work either. Does anyone remember the macros or can we just not do it yet?
  15. You can find an updated list here: https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/NCSOFT-CORPORATION-6492298/company/ But some of their key top investors that actively track the IPs NCsoft puts out are JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs
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