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  1. Another thing, if you DC while running the event instance, even if you fast boot back into the game it auto kicks you from the event instance and puts you on CD... meaning no rewards and a wasted entry!
  2. Couple Things here.... 1. You're rude 2. Hippos and Manatees are completely different animals, heck their not even the same clade for classifications. 3. Manatees might have extremely small brains, HOWEVER they are actually considered extremely intelligent, arguably as intelligent as Dolphins...so your insult is somewhat of a compliment. 4. Regular players do not know exactly what quests are suppose to be in what patches unless we're told by the Dev team. 5. Any quest that rewards PVP with a decent reward (Such as GP) makes PVP more tempting. 6. What is "lucky roo
  3. Also if you fall to your death at the section after the moving Roots part it puts you back at the very start of the instance...ALSO not all classes have the same run speed in the instance.
  4. I wish they had more quests for PVP to create incentive to pvp. I miss the Officer hunting quests back in the day to get Godstones. With they'd do a remake of that or something for Enchant Stones/Ult Manastones etc. This patch, and the few before, have felt very Dry for motivation to actively PVP.
  5. Oh btw...some of my toons when they run they have an update map on the right hand side saying what part of the course you are in, others do not. I can't figure out how you toggle it on and off. Anyone know? Also don't attempt to go to char select while the instance is ending, it'll glitch your HUD bad
  6. I'm scared their screw it up tbh, I don't want them to taint my good times with crappy re-makes...it's bad enough that last time they did it they made the snowballs untradeable.
  7. Stop taking these quets away! It' a whooping 30 GP a day, it's not game breaking! I had so much fun over the last 2 weeks going out with groups daily to complete these quests, it actually motivated players to go out and PVP. We need more motivation to PVP because other then in Kata with the XP rewards there, no other zone has any motivation worthwhile to PVP. STOP TAKING AWAY NICE THINGS FROM US! Seriously! It's not game breaking, it's fun, and it helps promote players to PLAY the game. Seroiusly of all the crap you fix, you always take away the stuff the players enjoy then only fix the sma
  8. I agree with number 1, #2 however no... Ncwest changed to a AWS host which charges them by the usage of data. If you log in and do nothing, they get charged for the data the server is sending your client(s). That's why they have the auto kick feature on to remove us for being afk for too long. It's also why we won't be seeing any AFK events in the future probably. If you want to force change, voice your concerns LOUDLY on the forums, don't spend money on the game, but keep playing for FREE.
  9. and Hime! We love Hime! lol Kibbelz your too new and disappeared as fast as you arrived to judge yet. Loki the community is amazed you haven't had an aneurysm yet. If one of you were to say.... "accidentally" leaked the contact info for whoever is in charge at NCwest, I'm sure no player would hold it against you!
  10. Just a suggestion, maybe don't wait until you all are about to punch out for the day before posting updates on the forums? ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY! Talk to us! Stop just posting once a week during the maintenance time. Seriously, we deserve better after giving you guys 11+ years of employment and support. I'm sorry if we seem snappy or rude, but this is just getting ridiculous.
  11. I came from playing Lineage II back when Aion launched in NA in 2009, I don't mind grinding, really I don't because I use to hardcore grinding from L2... that being said, this is just ridiculous with the RNG and bugs in Aion.... I've been back a few months now after taking a few off and I am playing Aion far too many hours a day to admit cause I'm currently not working. I almost never miss a world boss or siege I burn through almost all my CDs every week, I don't miss dailies/weeklies, yet I still don't have a S rank minion, enchanted Para Weapon, nor even an imbuned weapon! Heck until a co
  12. It's obvious they don't...otherwise they'd at least attempt to stop such a screw up like this event
  13. Wow...this is getting hot in here.... I want to feel bad for the NCwest staff, I truly do, but I can't. You guys keep fumbling the ball event after event, update after update... It's like your intentionally trying to kill the game so you can all collect unemployment or something.
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