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  1. Prestige Quest Bugged

    The Prestige Quest "Robots and the Refined" which requires you to kill Colossal Mecha SVR-07 in BE Normal is not updating for many players. I did 2 runs yesterday and was alive and at the boss when it died and the quest did not update either time. I even went into easy mode to try to see if that would update it but it didn't either. Can you fix this quickly please? Prestige coins are kinda a big necessity right now for players to progress in the game. Also it sucks to be paying for these extra quests when they are not working. Thanks. @Kibbelz
  2. IDD Restarts My PC

    I have tried turning all the settings down to low but it still happens. I'm really curious why it actually turns off my entire PC and not just lock up the game.
  3. So just like the Title says, if I run IDD and it's a low dps group when Berritra gets to 50% HP my computer completely shuts down or restarts. Every time.... It's extremely annoying and I can't figure out why. I've monitored my GPU and Processor core temps closely along with the memory and CPU usage. My temps never go above 59 degrees C, my % used never exceeds 75%. My build is: Windows 10 64 bit Intel i7 2600k @ 3.4 GHz 16 gigs of Ram NVidia GeForce GTX 970 ATA Samsung SSD 850 500 gig This is the only instance it does it in and it's extremely annoying especially since basically all my alts are missing the Ult Pants that drops from in there. I have tried reinstalling Aion, updating my graphics card, reinstalling my graphics card and drivers, changing the core priority level for Aion, updating and restarting my computer, reverting back to previous restore point on my pc. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Again I want to remind you, this is shutting down my entire PC, not just my client. Thank you
  4. So someone pointed this out last night and I went to test it today on training Dummies in Gelk.... Ferocious Earthquake on Gladdies only does damage to the target you have selected, any additional targets only receive 1 damage. Additional targets also are listed as receiving damage from "Devastating Earthquake Effect." Can someone on the Dev team confirm if this is intentional or a bug?
  5. The Tooltip for Advanced Wind Lance for Gladiators is wrong, it reads "Resets Wind Lance cooldown if successful" but it actually resets the CD for Springing Slice instead.
  6. Can NCsoft Stop Failing?

    I'm merely stating a factual problem that this has already probably created. They're just making more work for themselves and their support team by not restoring the NPC plus giving the survey out at the same time. Also if it is true that surveys only come out after the noon hour server time, they should put that somewhere so it becomes public knowledge. Giving a rough ETA would prevent a lot of chaos on the forums and in games, not to mention I'm sure many ppl send in unnecessary support tickets about surveys as well. They need to work on communicating with their player base. These forums are messy and tedious to dig through to find information, heck upto a month ago Kibbelz's posts weren't even listed under the dev tracker area.
  7. So you guys restored the NPC this morning that has the ""Locked Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box" but you didn't send out the survey yet with the free contract... so that means that players that do not waste their time digging through the forums every day probably don't know that we're getting the transformation contract for free so they probably are going to spend their hard earned Honey Songpyeon on the contract and use their ONE and only key they can obtain to open it...... Seriously NCsoft... do you guys even think these things through before you act? This was suppose to be the solution to the problem, not adding more issues for more players.... @Kibbelz
  8. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    This is acceptable
  9. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    5. Will the added effects on pixel xforms be extended due to those that were not able to obtain them in game because of the removal of the purchase NPC so more players can enjoy these benefits?
  10. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Couple followups to this @Kibbelz What about those that gained the "free" xform and then used BCM or other means to obtain copies then combined them for the bonus rewards at the end of the event? Will these "consumption" of the xforms still be counted? Will players that unlocked "Collection bonuses" with the free xform bug loose their collection bonus when you "retrieve" the xform from them? What about the "Defeat Monsters in Crimson Katalam 30 times bug? Is that going to be addressed? Not sure if any of the rewards are "limited purchases per week/day" but if so, will those purchase limits be removed or will the event be extended so we get the full length to acquire the maximum amount of purchases?
  11. KT needs to be reset

    Also RIP altars....
  12. KT needs to be reset

    Goodbye Event tab progress for Lugbug tab Q.Q
  13. So the Event quest "Explore Crimson Katalm for Me, Hop!" that requires you to "Defeat monthers ins Crimson Katalam 30 times" is not updating when you kill mobs in Kata. Tried several mobs in several spots of the map including quest mobs and none quest mobs. @Kibbelz
  14. This event is purely causing a substantial shift towards solo play and excluding new/returning players from progressing. GG NCsoft you did the thing that you claimed you didn't want to do..... Why do we play this game still or have faith in NCwest? Seriously someone remind me, cause I truly can't understand why we keep putting up with this....
  15. This cant be right (moon lovers)

    "causing a substantial shift towards solo play" ..... the one thing they wanted to avoid, a week later they release an event that does exactly that.... GG