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  1. Thanks for the update @Kibbelz ... is there anyway to fix your profile so when you post you're listed under the Dev Tracker tab? It'll make it easier for us to find your replies and posts on here. Thanks! P.S. Can you make a new forum section just for Game Announcements/Events that maybe only the Dev team can create topics under? I feel like putting everything under "General Discussion" is getting a bit cluttered and looks sloppy. Just an idea.
  2. Just like the title says, Abyssal Splinter is missing for DN-Asmos.... Seriously NCsoft, why do you hate your players? @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime
  3. DN Asmo Abyssal Splinter MIA?

    Wait you could what?
  4. DN Asmo Abyssal Splinter MIA?

    They just had the message show up on DN-A chat now too.
  5. Dear Hime, Kibbelz

    Staff members that make $$$ from Selling reset scrolls off the BCM obviously....
  6. Bid ban

    While this thread is getting hot I want to remind the NCsoft team that they wouldn't have to be policing Kinah selling among players if they'd simply add methods within the game to obtain Kinah other than bot farming Luna and hoping for Kinah bundle chests. I know some people say, well just go farm Demeha boxes to put on the broker, but seriously, create a new toon, max level it. Obtain one of those boxes and go try to list it on the broker. You won't be able to afford the broker fees. This game's economy has shifted to community funded instead of in-game generated kinah reserves. Just the weekly upkeep on buying shards, pots, xform scrolls, etc will break just about any new player to the point were they just feel it's impossible to progress. If NCsoft is seriously concerned about the kinah herders they should redo the forced the kinah to Gold Ingot system again to reset the market then put a craft limit on the kinah bundles. Just my 2 cents...
  7. Bid ban

    Shows how much the NCsoft team cares about the game... @Loki
  8. Here's a list of useless things that are still found in Gelk from previous patches that didn't get taken out of the game yet: Kenshurunerk, a shugo that is on a timer that spawns in Gelk that sells the old Drenium recipes that can no longer be used, is still in the game. https://ibb.co/G7PnqPc Weathered Object nodes that can no longer be gathered because the NPC that sells the extractors for them has been removed still are in certain spots of the map. Minga Bigeyes a named mob that spawns in several locations that use to drop a cool staff skin is also still in the game but doesn't drop anything anymore. I've submitted tickets about all of these things but every time I just get a generic auto reply that says i'm invited to share my thoughts via the official forums, so here I am! I think it's just kind of sloppy and confusing to some players why these things are in the game when they're not usable by players. (Except Kenshurunerk, he'll still take your kinah for a recipe that can't be used or NPC'd)
  9. Kinah is Kinah!

    It's very evident and clear that majority of players are buying kinah now days from reading threads on the forums and just watching LFG. I havn't yet personally but I can't say I blame people for doing this, making kinah this patch through gameplay is near impossible! There's a few ways to get items to sell on the broker for a little kinah, but that doesn't last long and involves a lot of lucky RNG. It's either that or make 1,000,000 alts to farm Luna daily and pray for a Kinah box craft...which tbh is not that fun. Here's what I suggest: Raise the kinah droprates from mobs inside instances Increase the white item values to something manageable Increase Kinah rewards for Siege participation Add Kinah bundles to World Boss Loot tables (Make it 1 per participant)
  10. No changes to siege times? Q.Q
  11. So...about Divine

    You guys moved fort sieges an hour later but you might of forgotten one small little detail...like moving the Portal to Divine to spawn an hour later...so yeah.... GG. Now we missed out on GP and enchant stones... 2020 strikes again?
  12. So...about Divine

    @Kibbelz While you guys are looking into this, do you want to take a peak at Altars too? They seem to be "glitchy" since you guys changed the other forts' siege time. Example, on days after there are no altar sieges all the Altars are suppose to be rotated back to Balaur since obviously neither Elyos or Asmodians can participate without a portal to Demaha... yet Sunday morning after the portal opened up several of the Altars were labeled as "Asmodian" owned and had Asmodian NPCs. When the siege starts you hear that weird sound that signifies the Altars are vulnerable, however the fort actually doesn't go vulnerable until almost 2 minutes after hearing that sound. The Altar bosses are also now spawning 1 minute late because of the previously mentioned delay.
  13. 3rd Party Programs

    Shugo Console and Aion Rainmeter actually have been discussed over and over again, I'm pretty sure I first found out about it from a thread made by a GM years ago saying where to safely download them. NCsoft basically says every-time they don't support any issues you might have due to using them.
  14. So...about Divine

    Thank you for the response!
  15. So I just heard from several people that they have been FAILING when morphing up the Ultimate PVP/PVE Enchant Stones... Is that suppose to be happening? Can you guys look into this ASAP? Morphing has always been 100% in game... and if morphs can fail especially with the high amount of mats it requires then you guys def need to come up with more ways to get enchant stones... @Loki *Please and thank you!
  16. 3 pages of complaints about siege time...I wonder if they figured out yet that this is a BAD idea.... Also a decent amount of ppl not happy with the p2w event...
  17. All I know is all the Drama queens seem to be transferring to KT, have fun with them!
  18. Are you guys trying to kill this game? Like seriously... I'm sorry that this is your first post and it's gonna be lit on fire and crapped on, but SERIOUSLY! First you're doing a complete Pay2WIN event where people can literally use their wallets to gain in-game abilities Then you are going to move Siege to even later?!?! THIS IS A NORTH AMERICAN SERVER! Why the hell would you put it so late at night!? It's already super late for most players, why make it even more later? Are you trying to nyerk off the people that work for a living that can afford to spend money on the game? Lastly, about rank rewards, are we ever going to be compensated for prior months were this was broken? Once again though..... DON'T MESS WITH OUT SIEGE TIME! WE WILL LEAVE THE GAME!
  19. Introducing Kibbelz

  20. I don't know if this was intentional or not but the Infiltration Force quests in Ing for Asmodians don't update anymore if you are in an Alliance (only gives credit to random members of the alliance, not even the same people in the same alliance group). It makes it kind of difficult to complete these.
  21. I don't remember what exactly it was called but I think the monster hunting manual we use to have would be pretty fun and good for this patch. Could have Renown rewards and stuff. Just a thought
  22. Archon Fighter Mark

    Archon Fighter Marks are still given from certain instances yet the NPC that use to collect them for a quest no longer gives the quest... just another left over item taking up space in the special cube... not sure if this was intentional or not... just saying
  23. Enchant Stones....

    Enchant stones (PVE and PVP) seem to be harder to get this patch even if you run all your CDs and buy the max amount of boxes from Lakrum. Either NCsoft has to increase the enchant rate success rate or make it easier to get stones.... The rates they have atm it def isn't worth to buy them off the BCM
  24. Power shards

    I wish powershards would auto refill from your inventory to your equiped slot, it's so freaking annoying.
  25. Server Lag on Danaria

    The server has a small constant lag where if you go to talk to any NPC you gotta wait about 5 to 10 seconds before dialog pops up... this is beyond freaking annoying. It's not just my client either, seeing lots of ppl in my legion plus LFG complain. @Hime please PLEASE let whoever can fix this know asap! We want to play this new patch but this is just annoying and discouraging.