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  1. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    Since the mergers namewiped everyone, it's highly unlikely the name is super duper old :-(
  2. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    It was planned. Probably planned yesterday, but planned!
  3. If it makes you feel better, a majority got nothing on the winning sides either. Tickets are made!
  4. Lets not twist facts here, Elyos were winning that fort regardless lol. There was 25% of the deity with artifacts on cooldown for asmos, and deity only gives 1000 points total. Elyos were wacking on that thing for like 20 minutes to get to that point too. There was a large number imbalance making it virtually impossible for asmos to win that tbh. I know about half of my alliance got kicked off as well, so it was not just asmos. I also received no rewards at all on Elyos side.
  5. gj ncsoft

    john, at least have the decency to share what you're smoking with others
  6. Bump, Cyan please Just copy the defunct MxM template and use it here. Probably a straight upgrade at this point -.-
  7. title It's nice we can log into the forums now (may the old forums rest in peace) but the website needs a serious revision in [current year] It's very outdated. Not only are some of the drop down choices broken flat out broken (go to servers lol, rip MyAion) but like 95% of the content linked within said drop down menus are flat out wrong or outdated now. The classes page doesn't even list Songweaver, Gunslinger, or Aethertech released on June 26th 2013. Just 4.5 years old, no biggie. That's not going into the Game Guide Wiki which has game launch information, which is only 10 years old.The abyss page still says the quests are for level 25 daevas. The stigma page is a nice blast from the past though, with a stigma shard chart and 11 slots available. The one part of the website that was updated after 4.0, the player guide (bless their soul whoever made this) is now both broken and beyond outdated. The level 65 page does not even work, and the levels advise you to do coin quests while leveling, and to do quests in Sarpan to get Kahrun Symbols for eternal gear, to go to Danaria and Katalam for Blood Mark quests, and to take a trip to the Eye to open treasure boxes for AP. With the release of 5.8 and the [hopeful] eventual release of 6.0, bringing in a potential large influx of old and new players, can we have this monstrosity of a website redone? tl;dr delet this nephew
  8. /r/Aion Discord Server

    upupup, still active and full of helpful memes.
  9. Playing without Fledgling Gear?

    I can understand that, but they've shifted nearly all content to endgame now so they really just want you max level. The fact that they're doing guided quests in 6.0 from levels 1 to 80 shows they really just want people to get to endgame. Coin gear already made things obsolete in the past, now you just have 56 armor at level 10! Lol
  10. Some major outliers: - Templar damage reduction skills need major reworks and/or nerfs, they're virtually unkillable and via 2k DP can reset a fight. It becomes a game of attrition and evolves into 5m+ duels. Not remotely fun. Even the worst templar ever can live for many minutes clicking skills at random and still burst you to 50% with a pull+gs burst, which is stupid. - Songweavers need defensive nerfs, I'm okay with their damage. Their freestyle combo could use a nerf, but it's not unlike sorcerers, which I think is fine. It's just that they're also way tankier and have much more sustain than sorcerers in addition to their damage, which makes them too strong in 1v1 situations. - Chanters need archdaeva skills removed outright, new protection ward is overpowered and their sustain is cleric-level while their damage has steadily increased over the years. - SM needs to have major nerfs to its strip damage (if it's dispelling stuff, that's already a reward. no need for it to do 10k damage ontop of that) and fear should probably break on a % damage threshold. Other generic things: - A lot of classes just do too much damage for how tanky they are currently. Glads are a prime example where they become virtually unkillable and their cleaves take off 25% of your HP, heaven forbid you ever actually get in melee range. - RNG crit knockbacks and KDs need to be removed, rangers become gods or awful depending on RNG which is really bad design.
  11. /r/Aion Discord Server

    Well over 400 users! Bumping for more visibility, as there are always people willing to answer questions. Or talk about the bcm. (eyes)
  12. Just posting because I've recieved some messages on both reddit and the forums about some stuff that maybe wasn't covered. One of the reoccuring questions is regards to a sort of hybrid set, as it can be hard to get all the gear you want. In which case, they ask which would be best to go for first, or some sort of all around set. The answer to that comes in a short answer and a long answer. The short one is a HP block set, as that will both work as a block set and make you artificially tanky against magic classes with your defensives. The longer answer is that hyrbid sets are not good and you want multiple sets, in which case strike resist will probably be the better first set as it counters melee more effectively than block can against top geared players who can easily get accuracy numbers to the same amount of block you have, but will (obviously) be less effective in the mean time as you try to get some sort of magic defensive setup. Secondly, someone had a discussion with me about the role of chanters in PVE content, and how most of it can be solo healed with a cleric now. This is entierly true; but since you can just use a PvP setup as an offensive setup, and you can now gear swap entire sets, you should just be doing whats needed. A chanter can solo heal most content as well if they wanted to, so you can do damage or heal. Your damage numbers wont be anywhere near a sin or gladiator or sorcerer so it's just less imperitive to become the godking of DPS than it is to be able to fulfill the support role which is generally always useful.
  13. A lot of people seem to be under the assumption that being a Gov or Commander means you need to lead the faction. You don't. They can do whatever they want, to be honest. Unless they're breaking TOS or swearing up a storm in Commander chat, there isn't much you can do. For the record, it's also kind of laughable people are just saying former IS or former KR or whatever deserve to be top 3. That's not how this works. It's not a democratic process. Your servers are not more important than others.
  14. /r/Aion Discord Server

    We're over 300 users now! Feel free to hop in and say hi.
  15. Yes there is a difference. Both in terms of stats and in terms of PVP defense. This is especially important for MR, as every point of MR matters in the end towards aiming for the 50% resist cap. Using the 70a is never advised at this point as you don't break gear anymore. It's only use is to upgrade it to 75 at +10 (which is cheaper than buying 75 outright I think). Even if you're lower than 75 you can level reduction if you want. But if you're thinking of getting AP gear you're probably higher leveled than 70 anyway.