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  1. sucks being a day ahead of the server, was hoping to see something today then remembered
  2. Witcher be like :D

    Wow that really can’t be unseen!!
  3. Last round of transfers completely screwed DN. If they open again it will completely kill it so may as well merge us....
  4. 7.2 PvP Tier by class

    Wasn’t errishigal (kt formally dn) 1st last season, or was just b4 it ended?
  5. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    8-10% chance to break, in the real world would be acceptable. In Aion though??
  6. Chanter DPS stigmas

    yeah i didn't do any pre-planning like you did with your alts so would have to cash shop the lot. so leaving mine at +9
  7. Chanter DPS stigmas

    If i could get the extra greater stigma slot i would probably slot blessing of stone, but that would be a personal pref for the extra HP (i like HP), would do nothing for dps. kind of a noot point though cause not dropping $1.5k cash for 1 extra stig slot.
  8. Chanter DPS stigmas

    i just use the following for both pvp and pve: numbing blow, blessing of wind, mountain crash, annihilation, leaping flash, WoI, soul lock and splash swing
  9. Ranger Skill Silencing Strike not working?

    silence doesn't affect physical skills only cast/buff skill?
  10. Question about PVE equipment

    try BCM there is a free legendary set on there at the moment, it includes 2 weapons for your class
  11. Access Restriction Notice?

    Even a post acknowledging the issue and that it’s being looked into would be nice.... but all we get is crickets
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    So no update on "Access Restriction Notice"???
  13. Enchanting

    Yeah the fail enchants are bad enough, couple that with the time/effort to get the enchant stones themselves..... do wonder why we still bother logging in at times