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  1. Voted yes and my details are always open, since 5.something.
  2. Will be the -1000hb that’s doin it
  3. Lodge a ticket with support asking fo rit to transferred using one of your restoration tokens.
  4. Prob set drop rate to original fire temple rates....
  5. Just to add my 2 cents worth, pretty sure I got a diff minion every reroll until I popped the one I wanted on the 5th or 6th roll, which was the pvp kromede. happy as a pig in ....,,
  6. at least they giving us some reasoning behind the decision, which is kind of something, but then they go copy/paste events from elsewhere that you need auto-hunt function to do....
  7. Pretty sure odds for winning at casinos are better than that.
  8. Even just an acknowledgement of the issue would be something, all we getting is silence... has been worse for me last couple days as well
  9. this and this. no need for compensation, my 2 cents worth anyway (opinion wise). Having more people running around with better gear will make things more interesting and fun, hopefully provide more balanced encounters.
  10. if i was to make an HB/HP set for pve, can i get away with using my pvp HB set accessories or is it better to use titan ones until something better comes along? pvp accessories would have better bonuses HP/HB wise but less def than titan??
  11. don't know about the notification but you could log in to the website to see if stuff on various toons had sold
  12. based on the rate of 20% success rate that TheSecretCowLeve showed in an earlier post you would need 155 ench stones to get to +12, assuming rng works in accordance with the % stated. also dont know what our % success rate as 20% was in KR... how ever you look at it need a truckload of ench stones. without a decent ench rate increase and at +12 safe point no idea how anyone will get a +15 set!!
  13. would need some pretty awesome rng to get to +15 with those %, especially w/o safe points...
  14. skill changes seem to be referencing changes made in 7.0? for chanters anyways
  15. Does 7.2 increase the chance of enchanting stigmas? If it doesn't billions probably wouldn't be enough.
  16. sucks being a day ahead of the server, was hoping to see something today then remembered
  17. Wow that really can’t be unseen!!
  18. Last round of transfers completely screwed DN. If they open again it will completely kill it so may as well merge us....
  19. Wasn’t errishigal (kt formally dn) 1st last season, or was just b4 it ended?
  20. 8-10% chance to break, in the real world would be acceptable. In Aion though??
  21. yeah i didn't do any pre-planning like you did with your alts so would have to cash shop the lot. so leaving mine at +9
  22. If i could get the extra greater stigma slot i would probably slot blessing of stone, but that would be a personal pref for the extra HP (i like HP), would do nothing for dps. kind of a noot point though cause not dropping $1.5k cash for 1 extra stig slot.
  23. i just use the following for both pvp and pve: numbing blow, blessing of wind, mountain crash, annihilation, leaping flash, WoI, soul lock and splash swing
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