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  1. Witcher be like :D

    Wow that really can’t be unseen!!
  2. Last round of transfers completely screwed DN. If they open again it will completely kill it so may as well merge us....
  3. 7.2 PvP Tier by class

    Wasn’t errishigal (kt formally dn) 1st last season, or was just b4 it ended?
  4. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    8-10% chance to break, in the real world would be acceptable. In Aion though??
  5. Chanter DPS stigmas

    yeah i didn't do any pre-planning like you did with your alts so would have to cash shop the lot. so leaving mine at +9
  6. Chanter DPS stigmas

    If i could get the extra greater stigma slot i would probably slot blessing of stone, but that would be a personal pref for the extra HP (i like HP), would do nothing for dps. kind of a noot point though cause not dropping $1.5k cash for 1 extra stig slot.
  7. Chanter DPS stigmas

    i just use the following for both pvp and pve: numbing blow, blessing of wind, mountain crash, annihilation, leaping flash, WoI, soul lock and splash swing
  8. Ranger Skill Silencing Strike not working?

    silence doesn't affect physical skills only cast/buff skill?
  9. Question about PVE equipment

    try BCM there is a free legendary set on there at the moment, it includes 2 weapons for your class
  10. Access Restriction Notice?

    Even a post acknowledging the issue and that it’s being looked into would be nice.... but all we get is crickets
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    So no update on "Access Restriction Notice"???
  12. Enchanting

    Yeah the fail enchants are bad enough, couple that with the time/effort to get the enchant stones themselves..... do wonder why we still bother logging in at times
  13. Share your story about gear enchantment.

    Two weeks worth of grinding to craft 6 ultimate stone to get my ultimate plume from +9 to +10, and its still at +9. Cant beat that feeling after putting in effort to get stuff to progress and going nowhere.... "working as intended".
  14. Enchant rate broken?

    Based on the table in the previous post 42% chance of success, you would need to be very lucky to get to +15 using legendary stones. Try using legendary to +12 (or 13 if u lucky) then swap to ultimate, at least then wen you fail it wont go back to 10, and you will probably end up using less stones overall.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    its not changing as the combine weapons bonuses are higher. once your orbs bonuses are higher than the combine you will see it start to change
  16. Feel something wrong with enchantment rate

    Feel your pain, but bad rng is just that..... it is amazing that once u get in a bad roll it can keep on going....
  17. Combining Minions

    Small sample size but 1 for 1 for me. Minions are only thing my ring seems to work on...
  18. haha hey boiz

    Mogang posts are the bestest!
  19. Farming BoS for shugos?

    Just do one circuit and if it doesn’t span regroup and try again.
  20. Chanter supp combo?

    Could also try playing with what manastones you have socketed. More physical att or crit. Not sure wat is best for us these days. there was an earlier discussion that suggested phys att was better than crit for 2 handed weapons, it is def cheaper. Maybe someone else can confirm/deny?
  21. Chanter supp combo?

    Just go dps setup
  22. Still do not have 1 legendary devanion skill

    CoE isn’t really worth it, will get same ancient skill. Chance of legendary is pretty small. BoS you can run around solo to see if one pops. Same with PF you can work your way through with a group of 2 or 3.
  23. How aion now?

    Lol couldn’t agree more!