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  1. @kibba-KT need event ''Dazzling Gemstone''
  2. @Kibbelz Ok best friend Kibbelz 👍
  3. @Kibbelz Ultimate transformation promotion...
  4. @Hallo-DN let me know this date too ...😜
  5. @DMob-DN @KibbelzADM does not know the basics of Aion, I will summarize in a single word '' Event ''! if the game has a good server event it gets full and all the players have fun but, with those bad events Aion ever death.
  6. another feedback that, it will go nowhere.
  7. Transformation Fusion% Aion 6.0 this table I made at the time of 6.0 I was wondering what is the new percentage please update us. say a hi friend @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime
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