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  1. @Kibbelz it's been over 1 year the update of them and still no event.
  2. @Kibbelz @Hime Aion 7.9 is coming, when will it arrive?
  3. i need event Halloween @Kibbelz 😜 my best friend!
  4. @kibba-KT need event ''Dazzling Gemstone''
  5. @Kibbelz Ok best friend Kibbelz 👍
  6. @Kibbelz Ultimate transformation promotion...
  7. @Hallo-DN let me know this date too ...😜
  8. @DMob-DN @KibbelzADM does not know the basics of Aion, I will summarize in a single word '' Event ''! if the game has a good server event it gets full and all the players have fun but, with those bad events Aion ever death.
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