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  1. Honestly, what's the point of having a maintenance that last for 3 and a half hours, and 6 hours the previous week? Servers are at an all time low, a basic refresh would do. It's time to introduce new events, the joker event pissed a lot of players off, most retail players have moved over to classic, and the remaining ones loyal to retail are not even given any attention. Is this really the way you guys want to run your stuff NCWest? @Kibbelz can you please tell your team to do something about retail before even your loyal fanbase leaves the game?
  2. Hello all, so I'm trying to start a petition here to request for the devs to make XP Marks account shareable. Reason being, XP marks are one of the main currency in the game for a lot of things, and without events are hard to come by, if we decided to reroll toons or have more than one playable toon, this should be shareable, as for example, on my ranger i have 300+ xp marks but on my glad i have 12. And instead of farming XP Marks on my glad for getting stuff, I could just pass them over from my Ranger.
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