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  1. I think my biggest problem now is getting the enchantment stones to enchant my stigmas and stuff and also getting people to run instances
  2. Hi but what do you recommend as the stigmas that I should run as a Sin now?
  3. I see I see thank you for the advice I see thank you Ahhhh thank you
  4. Hi, I am a sin from DN and I am not fully geared at all not even sovereign. With the new patch that just got added, it seems that everything is made even harder for those that are not fully geared. I have 3 pieces of sovereign, all of which are armor pieces then rest are either titan coin gear and XP mark gear and acc. With that I can hardly even do anything in instances like SL or PF and now that many older players that are fully gear has stopped playing the game, the number of people running instances have also decreased a lot. Every time I come online now, there is hardly anyone not even a
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